We all must look out for each other

Issue 225's editorial discusses the numerous student campaigns reported on in the issue and the necessity for students to stand together to ensure equality and inclusivity.


As deadlines mount up, it is tempting for some students to coop themselves up in their rooms and focus on their studies, rather than engaging with some of the notable public campaigns that are currently being organised by their fellow students. The stories in this issue, however, show that the students of St Andrews are just as engaged as ever – and making their voice heard to promote the causes that they believe in.

The front page highlights the difficulties that students have faced since the opening of Whitehorn and Powell Halls in recent weeks, as well as the campaign led by Sandra Mitchell and local MP Stephen Gethins to challenge the way Universal Credit is dispensed to those on a student income.

Ms Mitchell’s campaign is one we support, as we do the intentions of the students – featured in the News section – that have started petitions to change the way we perceive and deal with gender-based violence within the town. Everyone, regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, and identity, should feel safe and comfortable in this town.

This notion of inclusion is reflected in the pieces by Emily Matthews on the St Andrews alums working to rehabilitate prisoners and Seoras Lyall on the petition created to challenge the extortionate ticket touting culture that has grown up around events like the Christmas and May Balls. Positive community relations are vital in a town of this size, where students make up such a large proportion of the population during term times.

To that end, this week’s InFocus highlights the work being done by the current Community Relations Officer Morgan Morris, which will come to fruition at the annual St Andrew’s Day festivities. The St Andrew’s Day celebrations will be held at the end of week 11, heralding the onset of the revision period, exams, and the end of another semester.

As is the case every semester here at The Saint, the committee will undergo a vast overhaul ahead of January 2019. We (Olivia and Andrew) have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent at this paper and especially the year we have had as Editors. It has given us the opportunity to meet and interview some incredible people, work positively with our fellow students, and ensure that the stories that matter most to the St Andrews community, both residents and students, are reported accurately and fairly.

We wish Tom Williams and the rest of the team for next semester the best, and we wish you all good luck with your exams.


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