Illustrations Issue 223

The Saint Illustrators publish their first issue of autumn, starring a collection of pumpkins by Lauren Maires, some serene drinks by Rosie Catcheside, and an Ask Angela cartoon by Rachel Cripps.

October Pumpkins by Lauren Maires
October Pumpkins by Lauren Maires
Ask Angela by Rachel Cripps
The Workers’ Discussion by Rachel Cripps
Enactus by Lauren Maires
Marijuana Friends by Maya Marie
Got Consent by Gabrielle Wolf
St Andrean Flats by Emily Lomax
Are We Networking? by Gabrielle Wolf
Tattoo Me by Edward Emery
Colourful Ceilidh by Reuben Morris-Dyer
Buzz Buzz Bumble Bee by Gabrielle Wolf
Bottles and Glasses by Rosie Catcheside
Rent by Gabrielle Wolf


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