Thousands raised for charity as former DoSDA is diagnosed with cancer

Chris Kyte (left), has raised over £2,000 in a matter of days after his friend Kyle Blain (right) was diagnosed with cancer. Anyone who wishes to support Mr Kyte’s JustGiving page can do so here:

Earlier last month, former Students’ Association Director of Student Development and Activities Kyle Blain was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Following the news, one of Mr Blain’s friends, Chris Kyte set up a JustGiving page in aid of Cancer Research UK. Over the course of a few days Mr Kyte has raised over £2,000, with a target of £3,000.

Mr Kyte will be running the Edinburgh marathon which is set to take place on Sunday 27 May.

Mr Blain has just begun a three-month course of chemotherapy.

Anyone who knows Kyle at all will know that he is dealing with this in the best possible way – lots of optimism [and] laughter

In a Facebook post, Mr Blain said, “This ridiculous situation has and will continue to be filled with tears of laughter […]  but most importantly a hope that we can get as much good out of this situation as possible.

“To that end, one of my best pals has decided to run his little legs off at the Edinburgh Marathon for Cancer Research. Chris and I got paired together on day one in the St Andrews Admissions Office and it’s fair to say that we’ve been pretty inseparable since. He’s a good egg and what he’s about to do proves it in a big way. He wasn’t going to fundraise but on hearing my fun news decided he wanted to do what he could to help a cause that is growing ever closer to my heart.

“I will be forever grateful to Chris for doing what he’s doing but it will all really only be worthwhile if we can raise as much money as we can between now and the big day.”

Anyone who wishes to support Mr Kyte’s JustGiving page can do so here.

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