What to wear in spring

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Roughly a month and a half after it was expected spring is finally here, and St Andrew’s students are fully embracing the warmer weather. Even though the highs have only been in the mid-60’s (F), students are breaking out the shorts and sundresses and engaging in any form of outside activity that gets them out in the sunshine.

Now florals for spring may not exactly be groundbreaking, but they are certainly are prominent. With many fashion brands looking to the larger floral prints with a bold background, there is an abundance of different styles in the same pattern. These floral prints are showcased in both mens and women clothing. For the men these prints can be showcased in button ups and t-shirts, as well occasionally in shorts. For the ladies many companies are diving headfirst into summer with a wide variety of crop-tops as well as light-weight shirts that are a bit on the looser side. Pairing this bold design can be simple, stick to a singular color, preferably white or black, depending on what the color of the design is.

As they have been for many years, brightly colored shorts are starting to pop up all over St Andrews in the few days we’ve had that have been deemed as “shorts weather”. Now brightly colored pants have been worn all year round here, but adding these shorts to an outfit can add an entire other dimension to an outfit. These can be easily paired with any patterned button down or a monotone polo for days that don’t require sleeves.

Ladies it is time to break out your sundresses, as the weather is finally warm enough to not have to wear trousers! Light colored sundresses featuring simple patterns and loose flowery sleeves will fit in perfectly at any garden parties or outside events through exam season. Easily parable with a light cardigan or blazer in case the day isn’t as warm as hoped for. Boots, sandals, or even a pair of sneakers allow for this look to be taken from day to night.

Sandal season is upon us and this year many are opting for a brighter colored sandal with ties, rather than a metallic shade or gladiator style sandals. Sandals can take add a pop of color to any outfit, as well as adding a relaxed yet feminine feel. Chunky sandals or low block heels are also increasing in popularity for those who are in favor of a bit more upscale look. A block heel will see your feet comfortable all day, while adding the height of a painful pump.

Now even though once spring hits our little town we all know that exam season is almost upon us, there is plenty of time to be able to break out the other half of your wardrobes. With late April and May both featuring many events and dinners, both inside and out, the fashion around town will be filled with color. As we look forward to summer and don lighter layers, the colors tend to lighten a bit more and be paired more with white than black. But always keep a jacket on hand in case the temperature drops more than normal.



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