Lumsden event to Light Up The Night

George Wilder previews Lumsden's latest charity event, a five kilometre run with a twist.

Cosette Pucket

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. For some reason you wake up one morning, eyes still struggling to get in focus, groaning as the resounding hammer blow of an unattended iPhone alarm continues its steady assault on your hangover. You’ve been promising yourself this all semester, an inner ultimatum against the ever increasing amount of naps in your calendar, and the worrying Dervish content of your coronary artery. ‘A run’ you say, ‘people run all the time. Why should I be any different?’ With this you slurp at a Berocca, pull up an overpriced set of gym socks, and hit the road.

A few minutes later results in the inevitable, why the hell do people run? As your headphone falls out yet again, riding down a sweat clogged white T-Shirt, dragging like a week of deadlines as it does so, you begin to question how many calories are burnt in 500 metres. ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’ you ask, searching for the answer in the slow, rippling sadness of half-full Lucozade bottle.

Perhaps the key point we’ve missed is that, unlike the ever-present love handles of a regular pub visitor, most of those we see running in popular culture have something meaningful to run for. Perhaps they’re trying to raise money, maybe they’re doing it for their country, there could be a land-mine nearby, the reasons are endless. Happily the reasons to participate in the Lumsden Club’s latest event, ‘Light Up the Night’ are also endless.

Those who choose to attend the event, held on Thursday 26 April, will be able to, in the Committee’s words, ‘run, walk dance, and everything in between’ as guests race five kilometres down West Sands Road. Not only is the choice of running style optional, runners will also be attending in a wide variety of brightly coloured clothing, all in keeping with the Light Up the Night theme.

As well as spreading good vibes up and down town you can also take pleasure in supporting Fife Women’s Aid, which supports a vision of women, children, and young people free from all forms of abuse. Thus you can take inspiration from how your effort is doing more than burning off your last binge at Blackhorn. Best of all perhaps is how, even if you’re not quite up to donning your running shoes, spectator tickets are on sale for £6.

For around the price of a couple of pints, spectators can enjoy an HQ area full of pop-up food and drink vendors, face painting, and DJ’s to get you into the feel of the evening as contenders pass by. All those who are pressing for the win will be interested to know that first, second, and third place will all be rewarded with a mystery prize, while all those who come in behind are met by the crowd and the prospect of going to spend those burnt-off calories. So, for all those looking to top off the semester events period with a waffle or burger, while also raising money for a great cause, Lumsden once again has you covered.

Tickets are available on Fixr.


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