Scottish brewery Eden Mill announces expansion in St Andrews

The brewery and distillery is embarking on a £4 million expansion plan which will create 500 new jobs for St Andrews.

Photo: Eden Mill

Eden Mill, Scotland’s first brewery and distillery single site, has recently announced their plans to create a new brewery and distillery in Fife in an expansion effort.

Eden Mill, which produces the official gin of Scottish rugby, plans to take over a historic former paper mill, if their bid is successful, in a £4 million expansion plan. The expansion is designed to help them increase production, ensure space for further expansion, and continue their work on attempting to find more efficient ways of creating a better product.

The expansion will put Eden Mill in the University’s new Eden Campus, where it will be accompanied by a visitor’s centre, shop, presentation room, café and bar, several visitor areas, and a VIP tasting spot with a view of the University campus on the top floor.

This new proposed plan will allow Eden Mill to double the current number of tourists on distillery tours from 25,000 to 50,000 visitors per year.

In terms of what this new influx of visitors should do for the local Fife economy, Paul Miller, co-founder of Eden Mill, is hopeful for the future.

He said, “We firmly believe that this development will greatly benefit the local area and the wider Scottish economy, which is always what we have set out to achieve as a business.”

The University expects to create 500 new jobs and Eden Mill will most likely be a contributor to this number.

The new site will also allow Eden Mill to stay ecologically conservative, seeing as the campus is designed to be one built for sustainable development.

Mr Miller also feels that the new expansion will help the company continue to stay relevant.

He said, “To stay competitive, the spirits industry in Scotland needs to embrace new ideas and experimentation while respecting its heritage and traditions, particularly with whisky. At this new site, Eden Mill will be in the perfect position to invest in new products and lead the way with innovation.”

It is not exactly clear how this new distillery will affect the students of the University. However, more than 350 member of the University staff will be asked to relocate to the new Eden Campus in 2018, which should open up properties for students looking for housing.



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