On The Rocks announces launch event

Aimee Rutherford shares what can be expected from On The Rocks' launch event on 8 March.

On The Rocks, the UK’s biggest student arts festival, is thrilled to invite you to their official Programme Launch in The Adamson on 8 March 2018.

On The Rocks is a festival unique both to St Andrews and the UK. Run entirely by university students, the festival showcases the best of St Andrews talent on a scale that simply isn’t seen anywhere else. From 6 – 15 April, the town will overflow with art, music, dance, poetry, stand-up comedy, and so much more. Events take place at different venues throughout the town, from The Byre Theatre to St Andrews Castle. With the whole town on board, it’s a chance to become literally immersed in the arts, and to share and take part in all that our creative communities have to offer.

The Programme Launch is an evening event featuring live jazz and cocktails, where all the specific times, dates and locations for this 10-day arts ensemble will be released for the first time. It’s an opportunity to chill with like-minded, artsy people, to finally get your hands on a programme and to start planning your schedule around the amazing events OTR has lined up in April. Entry is free and, as On The Rocks celebrates its 10th anniversary, a special birthday cocktail is definitely on the cards!

The festival has continued to grow and thrive since its debut in 2009, and this year promises to be more diverse and imaginative than ever. As well as drama performances, arts exhibitions and music cafés, the OTR team is also introducing events that express different kinds of creativity, including a food fayre and a CreateAthon (a 48 hour business-related challenge), to expand the definition of art and give everyone the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Oli Savage, Head of Events for OTR, says, “Trying to incorporate art into as many disciplines as possible is really important to me. It’s our tenth year and it’s incredibly exciting; we’re such a talented town and the festival gives everyone the chance to showcase our talent. On The Rocks does a really, really good job in demonstrating that creativity isn’t just limited to the arts, it’s present in every setting.”

Jess Armstrong, Head of Press, agrees.

“All of the events together encompass what On The Rocks is —- celebrating diversity and the complete spectrum of what art is.” When asked about the experience thus far, she adds, “I enjoy the arts and really like working with creative people it’s incredibly rewarding.”

On The Rocks is definitely a festival for everyone. Whether you’re passionate about art, music, drama, fashion, spoken word, enterprise, photography, cooking, film or dance, the festival has it all, with over 50 events to get involved in.

The Programme Launch will be a unique taster of what this amazing festival has in store, so come along for a fantastic night and celebrate the arts in the best possible way – with chilled music, great company, and cocktails on the rocks.


Date: Thursday 8th March 2018
Place: The Adamson
Time: 8 pm – Midnight
Entry: Free
On The Rocks Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ontherocksfestival
On The Rocks Website: https://www.ontherocksfestival.com

Logo by Sabine Denat


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