Illustrations Issue 217

Peruse the spectacular artwork printed in Issue 217, plus unseen pieces, by the Saint Illustration Team. Featuring Flo McQuibban's Bursting the Bubble, April Atkinson's take on a McDonald's meal, and three masterful paintings by Edward Emery.

Refreshers Rave by Cosette Puckett
Refreshers Rave by Cosette Puckett
Winter Olympics by Edward Emery
Arts & Culture Strongman by Edward Emery
Bacchanalia by Gabrielle Wolf
Arts & Culture Caravan by Edward Emery
Arts & Culture Friendly Faces by Edward Emery
Tax Rocket by Marianna Pantelli
Bursting the Bubble by Flo McQuibban
Just Bein’ Trudeau by Gabrielle Wolf
The Accommodation Caper by Lindsey Wiercioch
McDonald’s by April Atkinson
Judo by Cosette Puckett
Scottish Symphony by Lindsey Wiercioch
Student Services by Gabrielle Wolf
Call Me By Your Name by Gabrielle Wolf
Bernard Cornwell Portrait by Rachel Cripps


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