DONT WALK: A fashion review


On Saturday evening, at around 5 pm, a good chunk of the St Andrews student body donned some of their edgiest black-tie apparel and paraded down to the marquee across from the Old Course for a night full of fashion and debauchery.

For most of our formal events there is a standard uniform for the attendees. A tuxedo for the men, while the women slip into a gown that may or may not have been worn to prom. Regardless of the colours and the cuts, there doesn’t normally tend to be a large difference between what is worn to the balls. Balls being the key word here. Enter: the fashion shows.

The fashion shows are an opportunity for many to wear something that they age deemed as being “too much” for a black tie event. It may be a bit too colourful, or it may be a bit too risqué, either way this month is the time to grab these pieces out from the backs of our wardrobes and hope that you’ll be warm enough in them.

Stepping into the tent, the first thing that hit me, was the assortment of colour that my eyes were immediately drawn by. Rather than sticking to the traditional black and white tuxedo, a good assortment of the men in attendance decided to spice things up. The colour and texture of the traditional blazer was thrown out the window, while velvet and tweed made heavy appearances each in a different colour or pattern. Red and dark blue velvet jackets were worn with tuxedos to add a pop of colour to one’s ensemble. Many also opted to go for a dark blue suit, with a pastel coloured button down underneath, and with a pocket square or a casual tie to complete the look. This look may have been the most prominent at the show, as well as many opting to not even wear a tie at all.

Continuing on the theme, many of the ladies opted for a two-piece ensemble, rather than your traditional gown. Metallics played a key role in many attendee’s wardrobes, while trends such as fringe and feathers got honourable mentions. Many women also opted to add a bit of edginess to their look, by wearing either a sheer shirt, or in some cases just a bra. Overall though the most overwhelming trend in women’s fashion, was certainly in the uniqueness of footwear. Rather than opting for the highest heels that one could walk in, many showed up in either boots or sneakers, with wedges also gaining a lot of traction. Platform sneakers were the most prevalent, not only due to their maximum level of comfort, but also their ability to mesh perfectly with a mini-dress. They were also worn with long pants, skirts, and even some jumpsuits. Another statement piece was the trend of over-the-knee-heeled boots. Being able to be worn with, and in some cases over, anything this iconic piece showed up in many different colours. Some of the more notable outfits of the evening were a denim jumpsuit with chunky wedges, a silver two-piece with a wrap skirt, and a black flowing jumpsuit with gold chains on the shoulders.

As the evening drew to a close, many took some last-minute pictures of their iconic outfits, as in their minds many began to think of what in the world they could possibly wear next year that would top this.


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