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George Wilder gives a sample of some of the best events St Andrews has to offer in the coming months, from Fashion Shows to Concerts.


Be it the disappearance of January Joggers, the sudden lift of student loans, and the peculiar limbo that comes with realising ‘only needing a seven’ offers no support if you’re averaging a five, the signs are upon us: we have returned to The Bubble once again. First Years will repeat the mistakes of the past, Fourth Years will promise themselves a party at the end of all the hard graft, Third Years will consider whether their academic family really was the best place to find a soul mate, and Second Years will continue to wonder whether they’re actually doing a degree. Regardless, whether roommate nightmares plague you or Christmas pounds immobilise you, all woes have their answer. The wait is over, time for events season.

FS: Now entering its Twenty Sixth year, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show has raised over £30,000 year on year for the past three years and will be looking raise even more. The committee will be all too aware that their 25th anniversary is currently remembered more for a series of house parties and a meme page than the event itself, which was rescheduled due to high winds. Nonetheless, the events of last year provide the student body with a rare opportunity to see FS hungrier for success than usual, making this year’s show even more unmissable than usual. (Saturday 17 February)

Rugby Sevens: As one of the largest sporting events hosted by a St Andrews University club, the Rugby Sevens tournament isn’t short on drama, as we play hosts to sporting talent from across the UK. As tensions rise St Andrews can also look forward to the reappearance of the tournament’s booze-drenched afterparty which, win or lose, looks set to be one of the Semester’s wildest nights once again. (Saturday 14 April)

Dont Walk: Formed in 2001 to raise funds after the 9/11 terror attacks Dont Walk has raised over £240,000 for a range of charities. As a Fashion Show it’s well recognised that Dont Walk celebrates creativity, as it tries to walk a fine line between professional and anarchist. After showcasing a strong range of aesthetic variety last year it will be interesting to see how the committee rises to meet FS’s well recognised expert choreography and attire. What is certain is that the Dont Walk brand epitomises yet another event for which tickets will be in short supply, and for good reason. (Saturday 24 February)

Wax Collective: As students return hungry for a contrasting music selection to house party throwback, electronic music connoisseurs Wax Collective are only too happy to oblige. In this collaboration with RAG Week The Union will be host to their ‘biggest headliner yet’ Bake All Caps. If you’re looking for a fresh experience this will be the place to be, with the added bonus that all proceeds from the event will be going to directly to charity.

ELAGA: The new event in town, Elaga hopes to revive the world of St Andrean events, which organisers believe has become too predictable for one of the UK’s best universities. As the first of its kind Elaga has come under scrutiny on social media as an event that requests a heavy ticket price based on trust (see interview on previous page). However, if this new arrival is anything like the refreshing arrival Szentek was in 2016 it’ll make a valuable addition to the town’s lacklustre music scene. (Saturday 7 April)

SAASUM: If you fancy a morning with a less potent hangover the Bubble is prepared to serve once again as the St Andrews Africa Summit welcomes a range of guest to address the question of ‘Identity and Empowerment: An African Evolution’. The summit will take place at Hotel Du Vin, where they will be welcoming: Samba Gadjigo (critically acclaimed Senegalese director), Mamphela Ramphele (CEO of Circle Capital Ventures, a Black Economic Empowerment Private Equity Firm), Jean Bosco Nzeyimana (Founder and CEO of Habona Ltd.), Emma Dabiri (Irish academic and journalist specializing in African identity).

We may be a small university but, as events such as this hope to prove, we have no lack of diversity regarding our discourse. (Saturday 24 February)Aside from those listed above St Andrews is set to offer a plethora of events over the next few months, be it another stunning Mermaids production, a visit to comedy society, or clutching your head after St Patrick’s day, this little town has something to quench every appetite. So discard your bowl of pesto pasta, forget deadlines, and seek what it has to offer.


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