Women in Work society hold #MeToo march

Women in Work, a society at St Andrews, held their “#MeToo” march on Monday 20 November, which was attended by 40 people who came to march and chant with them. The march focused on standing up against sexual harassment in the workplace.

A spokesperson of Women in Work said that the #MeToo march took place in response to “various high-profile members of the entertainment and political industries [being] named as perpetrators of sexual harassment and sexual violence.”

Recently, there has been a wave of rape and sexual assault allegations made against high-profile Hollywood figures after a New York Times investigation uncovered that film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein allegedly assaulted actress Ashley Judd. Weinstein paid multiple women to keep the sexual harassment allegations quiet.

Alexandra Holker and Emily Miller of Women in Work felt the march “complemented well with the Reclaim the Night march.”

They added, “we were marching against sexual harassment in the workplace, whereas FemSoc was marching against sexual violence. We felt it was current to bring #MeToo to St Andrews to continue the dialogue surrounding all of the allegations in recent weeks.”

The #MeToo movement was launched to show solidarity towards victims of sexual assault. The movement gained momentum following the allegations against Mr Weinstein, which allege that he assaulted more than 24 women.

Women in Work feels the event was successful and looks forward to the future.

They said, “We hope to continue the conversation about assault in the workplace and hopes to hold more events that draw awareness to the issue.”

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