Sitara Model Launch showcases the ‘Fashion of the Future’

Stella Gage reviews the latest fashion offerings by Sitara* as we await their 2018 show.

Photo: Sitara

I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be walking into when I heard about the Sitara Model Launch. All I had heard about the event was that it was an Asian fusion fashion show…what that meant exactly was something I was intrigued to find out. Upon entering the event, you could tell that it fit with a lifestyle of class, everything had a certain elegance about it. The people, place, and décor pulled me in instantly.

One of the first things I noticed was the vibrant energy of the people attending the event. The venue had dim lighting and music was playing, which created a warm and inviting ambience. Unlike other fashion events I have been to, everyone was up and about before the model walk, and a hum of friendly chatter filled the intimate space. Everyone seemed to be buzzing about what was to come.

Next came the walk. As everyone took their seats, curtains opened to reveal the first set of models. The style of the clothing made an immediate impact on me. A man and a woman stood beside each other, the woman wearing a headdress, beaded crop-top, skinny pants, and high heels, the man wearing a coloured scarf, no shirt, and baggy trousers. I could tell, off the bat that this would be no ordinary fashion show experience.

As the models walked two by two into the venue and down the aisles I was impressed by the diversity I was seeing. The models were of many different races. Representation being another thing that is often lacking in the mainstream modeling industry, I was impressed. A committee member on the Fashion Team, Ada Quek, said

“I think fashion is important because it does and always has fused art and creativity with the ideals and politics of its generation. For Sitara*, I think it represents the celebration of diversity and beauty of cultures in St Andrews.” And that is exactly why I think Sitara is so special.

Not only is Sitara a way for people to see a fantastic display of fashion, but it is also an incredibly social experience. There was a fun vibe throughout the show as people would excitedly cheer on their friends as they walked. For me this striped the event of some of the pretentious that can come with typical runway shows. The show was also short, which made me think that maybe displaying fashion wasn’t the only point of the event. The Sitara model launch really seemed like an event where people truly in love with fashion could get together and share their love for it. Overall, this was a totally unique experience to anything else that I have done in St. Andrews thus far, and I am so pleased to have gotten a glimpse of this captivating blend of cultures that pushed fashion towards the future.


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