Library now allows students to borrow blankets

Photo: Mika Schmeling

The University library has recently introduced a new system of blanket borrowing to address complaints about cold study spaces, outlined in a post on the library’s blog.

The blankets can be borrowed without charge from the Welcome or Service Desk in the Main Library or the Thomson Reading Room at Martyr’s Kirk.

The initiative was first suggested on a “You Said We Did” card from an anonymous student in October 2016, who had observed a similar system abroad.

The student wrote, “when I was studying in Copenhagen all the libraries provided blankets for free. Of course you were only allowed to borrow them. But it was a nice thing. I felt more cosy and comfortable. Almost like studying at home.”

At the time, the suggestion was not taken on board by the library.

The library said, “we have considered giving blankets away to students as freebies to promote the Library, especially as we sometimes get feedback about the temperature, but they turned out to be rather expensive in comparison to our Library bag, for example.”

However, it seems that the student’s idea has now been revisited as the December revision period approaches.

Though the University of St Andrews has received complaints about multiple study spaces, the main library building has been notoriously difficult to heat.

The LibAnswers page currently lists 76 separate student concerns under the section of “temperature.” The library is currently monitored to remain within specific temperature parameters that are deemed to be acceptable by the University Estates department.


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