JSOC Ball: ‘The best value ball this university has to offer’

Georgia Davies discusses the virtues of JSOC Ball, whose £25 ticket price proved alluring in comparison to competitor Welly Ball.


L’Chaim to Jewish Society on another great ball. What began last year as the first Jewish Society Ball in St Andrews has become an even greater success this year. A theme was introduced this year, ‘A Red Carpet Affair’, and added to the event as never before.

People suitably followed the event theme, with some girls wearing long gowns and most boys in black tie. The event was made special because it was an intimate and inclusive occasion, with the welcoming of 20 out of town guests who got to see St Andrews at its best. It was, perhaps, a shame that it was scheduled on the same day as Welly Ball and Adrenaline ball, but it was a good turn out all the same.

The highlight of the event, was as last year, the amount available for the ticket price. With food, four free drinks, good tunes and more, the event could not have gone more smoothly. It was a shame that the event was not open bar this year, but it is obviously understandable given the £25 ticket price. The hot dogs took the room by storm, and it was a tasteful way to ensure that guests were given food but not taking away from the atmosphere of the event.

The music was, suitably, cheesy. The description to the DJ was the resurrect ‘The Lizard’, and he did not disappoint. It was made more fun by the singing, dancing and embarrassing shapes made by all. There was no pretention in this event, and the ‘Red Carpet Affair’ was not filled with Hollywood drama. The event was also attended by representatives from the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) which gave it a nice and official feel, especially as the event helped to celebrate areas of the Jewish, and non-Jewish community, coming together to have a good time.

The event was simple, the room was not especially dolled up in the way of Kinkell Byre or even the marquees on the quad, but it held a significance which meant that you focused on the event. The photo booth was a lovely addition, and meant that people got a few keepsakes from the evening (better than the terrible selfies some of us took in the bathroom). The event remains one of the best no-frills events in St Andrews. You’re there to have a good time, drink and be merry, and enjoy the best value ball this university has to offer.


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