DONT WALK Revamped

Deputy features editor Julia Bennett explores DONT WALK's new website and model announcement in anticipation for the 2018 fashion show.


The DONT WALK Charity Fashion show goes hand in hand with the St Andrews social calendar; it is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

This year will be DONT WALK’s 17th consecutive fashion show. The event was founded in 2001 after the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, when a group of students over 3,000 miles away from the event decided to create an impactful and creative response to the horrors.

Now 17 years later, DONT WALK continues to challenge all forms of structural inequality through art, fashion, and performance. Their vision is embodied in a youthfulness and cosmopolitanism that is always inherently inclusive.


In order to challenge the structural inequality that DONT WALK was conceived to respond to, the DONT WALK team seeks to influence public discourse and aid organizations that provide education and conflict prevention efforts.

This will be the third year that profits from the DONT WALK charity fashion show will be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City, and the Salam LADC in Lebanon. The Robin Hood Foundation was founded in 1998 and seeks to alleviate the problems caused by poverty in New York City. It also provides emergency relief funding to victims of natural disasters in the New York area. Salam LADC-The Lebanese Association for Development and Communication attempts to strengthen inter-community bonds between Lebanon and Syria. Salam LADC is a platform through which volunteers, grassroot initiatives, and donors can coordinate their efforts towards empowering vulnerable populations in Lebanon and refugees.

While there are numerous fashion shows held every year in St Andrews, the emancipatory intent of DONT WALK sets it apart from the rest. It’s commitment to tackling institutional norms helps it stand out from the crowd.

The much anticipated DONT WALK Charity Fashion show has just released its new website for the upcoming new year. This year, DONT WALK has revamped their online presence, paying tribute to their evolution and themes throughout the last 17 years of fashion shows.

Now, anyone can take a look back at past shows themes, messages, and artistry. All shows since 2008 are archived alongside stunning visuals that best represent the essence of that year’s particular message and aura. Indeed, a new feature of this year’s website is an online archive categorizing all digital media from the last decade of DONT WALK shows. It is a groundbreaking first in the shows digital history, and, in order to ensure consistent communication in the DONT WALK essence, outside media sources have been archived alongside the private collections of DONT WALK. This new online archive allows effortless time travel through the various looks of the last ten years.

DONT WALK has also released their 2018 models. This year’s 20 models represent a diverse, energetic, and sexy squad. They embody the DONT WALK characteristics of youthfulness and edgy spirit, and the DONT WALK committee is excited to present them to the world.


While they have not yet publicly released their theme and message for this year, a look back at past shows as well as preview shots from their recent photoshoot suggests that it will be exciting, innovative, and one of a kind.

For 2018, DONT WALK has embraced their central identity as a provocative, secretive and seductive display of fashion and performance. Throughout the years, the creative directors have explored and cultivated innovative concepts and ideas, shrouding them in secrecy, until their culmination as the impactful, sensory content of the show itself.

This year’s DONT WALK charity fashion show will be held on 24th February 2018. Make sure you mark this date in your calendar well in advance and  keep your eyes open for new information from DONT WALK in the coming weeks. New material will be released, leading up to the reveal of the theme and message for 2018.


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