A visit to the St Andrews Waffle Company

Photo by Sammi Ciardi

After opening on 7 October 2016, the St Andrews Waffle Company has quickly become a staple restaurant in the town. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, enjoy a savoury lunch, or are in need of a coffee, the Waffle Company has you covered. Upon first opening, the shop offered four signature waffles along with a create your own option, but in the past year their menu has quickly expanded to include 40 signature waffle combinations. The shop that we know today is filled with friendly staff and passionate chefs, changing the way that we think of waffles. They aren’t just a breakfast food anymore and can be enjoyed as a sweet treat or a savoury meal.

The owner, Chris Rose, isn’t just passionate about waffles however and is set to open 22 January 2018, just in time for us to return to the bubble, is the Waffle Company’s soon to be sister store. Yet to be named officially, this shop will be next-door to the waffle company and will host a variety of grab and go options. A salad bar will be offered as well as toasted ciabattas, baked potatoes and smoothies. The salad bar will fill a much needed gap in the St Andrews food scene following the closure of Zest To-Go. We currently don’t have anywhere to get fresh healthy takeaway salads but the opening of this new shop is sure to satisfy our salad cravings (if there even is such a thing as a craving for salad). Another exciting addition will be the stone fired pizzas that the shop will offer whole or by the slice, for a quick takeaway bite. Rose promises crispy crusts and fresh toppings from the new addition of pizza to the shop. In our interview, he stressed the importance of quality ingredients offered at competitive prices, because great food should be accessible to everyone.

Personally, one of the dishes offered that I am most excited about would have to be the thick milkshakes. Most Americans, like myself, would agree that when it comes to milkshakes, the thicker the better. This perfect thick milkshake however can only be achieved with soft serve ice cream, which the Waffle Company will be introducing in their new shop. In addition to soft serve, they will be offering over twenty different ice cream scoop flavours to satisfy the students and golfers alike in the warmer summer months. But if you are looking for something warmer to satisfy your sweet tooth, they will also have dessert pizzas and calzones with various sweet toppings and fillings.

All of these new items at the grab and go restaurant will also be available on Deliveroo upon opening in January. However, until then the Waffle Company remains one of St Andrews staples, and it too has some exciting changes on its agenda for the new year. The shop, which at the moment seats roughly 20 people, will be expanded when the kitchen moves next door. The new layout will now be able to seat around 45 diners, making it the perfect place to host events and holiday dinners. Rivalling the fan favourites of Bibi’s and Cottage Kitchen for society and team dinners, the Waffle Company currently offers private three-course dinner bookings with a £15-25 price rage and a free corkage fee. Due to the employment of three full time chefs, they are able to tailor a menu specifically for your event. But if waffles aren’t what you fancy, don’t worry, they don’t have to feature on the menu for your booking.

However, until the expansion, if you are looking for somewhere to get breakfast before a busy library revision day, the Waffle Company is should always be on your list for go to breakfast spots. The eggs benedict waffle is Chris’s favourite but they also offer 12 other breakfast themed waffles; bacon being the shop’s best seller by far. Other than the waffles of course, they also have 18 different teas and exceptional coffee. I would personally recommend sitting in the window with a pot of the spiced apple loose leaf tea. All of the loose teas as well will be available to purchase next week in 100g portions so that you can enjoy them at home as well as in the shop. I for one will be buying as much of the spiced apple tea as I possibly can.

Going into the Waffle Company and talking to Chris is always a pleasure. Never in a bad mood, he is someone that is passionate about food and about bringing new ideas and opportunities to the residents of St Andrews. After the winter holiday, make sure to look out for the Waffle Company’s new additions as they will be offering various student takeaway deals as well as vouchers and delivery options.

Photo by Sammi Ciardi


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