Student councils to debate endorsing Rector-elect Srdja Popovic’s manifesto

Mr Popovic was elected Rector last Friday after winning over 60 per cent of the votes of students.

Photo: Harry Gunning

Supporters of the newly elected Rector, Srdja Popovic, are to bring a motion to the joint meeting of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Student Services Council (SSC) tonight at 6pm (17 October) calling on the Students’ Association to support Mr Popovic’s manifesto.

Photo: Srdja Popovic

The Rector-elect’s campaign Facebook page sent out a message to students this morning encouraging them to sign the motion and come to the Joint Councils meeting tonight to express their opinion.

“Just to let you all know that we’re going to present a motion to the Joint Councils this evening calling on them to officially endorse Srdja’s manifesto. This will mean we have Union backing for Srdja’s blueprint for a better bubble,” the statement said.

Going on, it added, “The more signatures we have on the motion, the more likely it is to pass, so if you want to continue this revolution we’ve started come and find us in the Library between 11am and 2pm today to add your name to it. Also please come to the Joint Councils meeting at 6pm this evening to show your support- it’ll be a great way to see student democracy in action!”

The motion currently has 62 signatures from students.

Photo: Sammi Ciardi

Mr Popovic’s manifesto pledged to lobby to for a number of radical proposals,

The main promises of the manifesto centred on affordable accommodation, transport and empowering students.

Among the promises was a point to “lobby for the University of St Andrews to build one unit of affordable accommodation (£4000 or less per year) for every two new units that are constructed”, “Encourage the university to replace Albany Park with more affordable accommodation”, and promises to campaign for students to be removed from the government’s migration target, and for “freedom of Movement is maintained for both British and EU students so that they may continue to benefit from international institutions of learning.”

During the campaign some students questioned whether Mr Popovic’s proposals were realistic.

If passed, the motion would mandate the Students’ Association to lobby the University to implement these proposals.

Mr Popovic won the Rectorial election with 2183 votes, amount to 62 per cent of the vote, beating Willie Rennie, the MSP for North East Fife, who won 1083 votes. Re-open nominations received 220 votes.



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