St Andrews Charities Campaign raises over £73,000

Photo: Charlotte Caldwell

On Thursday 5 October, the St Andrews Charities Campaign announced the amount raised for the three chosen charities for the 2016- 17 academic year. Last year, the student body chose one international, one national, and one local charity to fundraise for throughout the year. The charities chosen were Women for Women International, Anthony Nolan, and Frontline Fife. Jamie Minns, Charities Convenor, announced on Thursday that altogether, £73,726.35 was raised, which means that each charity received £24,575.45. This money was raised through St Andrews Charity events such as Race2, CATWALK, and other events put on by the charities committee.

Altogether, however, student groups affiliated with the Student’s Association raised over £150,000 for various charities. The success of the committee has been strong throughout the year. They kicked off 2017 by winning the National Student Fundraising Award for “Local Impact and Community,” and ended it with CATWALK coming runner up for the “Big Impact, Small Budget” award.

The Saint spoke to the chosen charities and they all expressed tremendous gratitude to the student body and fundraisers for helping to raise money for their charity. Women for Women International, which raises money to help put women in post-conflict countries through a programme that helps them learn legal skills, life skills, and skills to bring back to their community, like starting a business, said that the money donated by the St Andrews Charity Campaign would help put 80-90 women through the programme. They will receive updates from these women once they go through the programme so they can share the success and accomplishments of the amazing women.

The Anthony Nolan charity helps citizens join the NHS marrow registry. Speaking to a representative from the charity, The Saint discovered that it costs £60 for a citizen to sign up for the marrow registry. With the money from St Andrews, 410 people can now be signed up to the registry, which means there are more potential donors to help save lives. Frontline Fife, which has been an established charity for 10 years, helps people throughout Fife who are homeless. They provide a whole range of services to try and empower and enable people to find long-term solutions to their problems and increase individual resilience.

The Saint also had the opportunity to sit down with Jamie Minns, Charities Officer to talk about his contribution to the St. Andrews Charity Campaign. He has been dedicated to helping local charities since he was young. His family was involved in helping a local hospice centre, and he has been dedicated to helping his community ever since. When he came to St Andrews, Mr Minns was pushed into giving the charities campaign a go, and he has been a dedicated volunteer ever since. He would like to thank the community for contributing to and for supporting the campaign and for going above and beyond the minimum requirements. Mr Minns said he was very inspired by the work he witnessed last year, and is excited to see what this year has to offer. This year, the chosen charities are Save the Children, the Scottish Refugee Council, and Families First. The money raised by Race2, CATWALK, and RAG week will be donated to these charities at the beginning of the next academic year.


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