Local photographer sends out appeal following theft

Innes Graham, photographer for BlackHorn, seeks assistance after the theft of his camera bag.

Photo: Innes Graham

On 25 July, whilst traveling in Barcelona, Spain, photographer Innes Graham was robbed of his camera bag. The bag contained a variety of filmmaking and photography gear, totalling thousands of pounds in lost property and several days’ worth of footage. The theft occurred in the midst of Barcelona’s growing street crime epidemic, at its height during the tourist season.

In St Andrews, Graham has honed his photography skills at town favourite burger joint BlackHorn. Aided by naturally photogenic food, Graham has lovingly crafted a cohesive, mouthwatering feed, capturing the local eatery at its best angles. Photo evidence of Graham’s talent can be further examined through his work for the Madras Rugby Club and the local BMX scene.

Currently Graham is attempting to raise funds to replace his stolen gear. In the interests of supporting local businesses, any donations are greatly encouraged.


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