May Ball: another glorious year

Natasha Franks reviews May Ball 2017.


Another year, another May Ball. Yet this May Ball differentiated itself not only in date, but in quality. A delectable dinner gave way to a night of dodgems, and Blackhorn, and bowties coming on and off. Guests mingled to the sweet, sultry tunes of Felix Jaehn’s “Ain’t Nobody,” pacing themselves in between cans of Red Stripe and dips on La Bamba. In a word, May Ball 2017 was memorable. In many words, it was as follows:

After a champagne reception, dinner guests were given ample opportunity to line their stomachs with a selection of canapés. A varied combination of goats’ cheese, smoked salmon, haggis, and more whetted our appetites for an equally mouth-watering supper. Three courses, several bottles of wine, and a round of complimentary shots later, Act II of the evening commenced, heralded by the tunes of warmup band Rapturous.

Historically, students have struggled to choose between VIP and Classic. In this year’s case, there was little choice to be had. VIP tickets easily provided value for the £30 price difference. In the marquee, guests had access to complimentary Janettas ice cream and chocolate fondue, served in a heated lounge area. The lounge proved exceptionally popular, serving as a brightly lit escape from the dark bustle of the main room.

Classic guests found equal enjoyment in the standard May Ball fare. Carnival rides never fail to impress, even as guests queued for upwards of thirty minutes for a spin in a dodgem. Queues for the loos were similarly lengthy and at times chaotic – unsurprising, considering that May Ball is easily the largest event of the year. A special mention must go to the Blackhorn food truck for their unrivalled skill at singlehandedly catering for over 2000 students. A staple at any event, the food truck emphasises the inherently St Andrean nature of May Ball – the burgers themselves are made using meat from Minick, the town’s only butcher.

In addition to maintaining old traditions, May Ball 2017 may have established a new one. Previously, the ball and May Dip have treaded on each other’s toes – guests have always been hungover from one while attending the other. By merging the pair, Ball Convenor Tom Higginson allowed us to enjoy each event in harmony. Congratulations to the Kate Kennedy Club for a cracking night, and congratulations to all who made it to the beach at dawn!


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