SITARA* stuns in glorious technicolour


Sitara* stunned on Friday night with an explosion of colour, creativity, zest, and zeal, like no other fashion show St Andrews has seen before. Setting itself apart from other events of this calibre with its incorporation of South Asian culture, as well as dance and drama performances to complement the catwalk portion of the night, Sitara* reawakened the nearly-dormant state of the haute couture following in St Andrews after the culmination of FS in February. 

With at least five major shows taking place here every year, unless you are a keen fashion show enthusiast it is unrealistic to expect any one student to attend all five of these events in the same year. Consequently, after having attended either FS early on in the term, most people have thus satisfied their social obligation as a St Andrean to make an appearance at at least one fashion show and forgo the rest out of disinterest and, probably, destitution.

That could be a huge mistake.

If you are going to choose any one show to go to and have the patience to wait until early April, Sitara* is the place to be. With all the glitziness of FS and the charisma of Catwalk, Sitara* produced the perfect blend of freshness, vivacity, and cultural fusion—a completely original, vibrant experience that one simply will not get from other fashion shows.

VIP guests received a worthy welcome complete with copious bottles of prosecco, cocktail pitchers filled to the brim, and snacks galore—popcorn, crêpes, Toro’s Tapas, and baked goods from Sassy Coconut to name a few. The aroma of warm crêpes oozing with Nutella wafting from near the entrance and alcohol abound left attendees a happy bunch. Needless to say, most were sufficiently inebriated before the clock struck midnight.

The theme, “This is My Rang,” celebrating colour and individuality, was apparent in the clothing flaunted by the models. Flowing skirts, glittering jewels, and glossy, lustrous fabrics merged with Western elements of style made for a unique twist on traditional South Asian garments. The designers showcased throughout the show included big names like Stella McCartney and Anya Hindmarch, as well as Mirka, Am Bytth Jewellery, YNKE by Eshe Mitchell, Leila Allen, ACHIK, and Whispers Lingerie.

Music selections throughout the night left guests blown away. The catchy beat of the dhol (a South Asian drum) was fused with shameless pop. It was music that guests could actually dance to—Sitara* had no pretentions or airs of superiority about their choice of tunes. It was clear the way that the models strutted down the runway, occasional smirks playing across their faces, that they were immensely enjoying the exuberant beat that they were instructed to walk to. A remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” backed with the cadence of a pounding Indian drum elicited whoops and cheers from the audience as the models walked with a little more bounce in their steps.

Just when the music could not possibly get any better, the after party was cued by a surprise duet between a dhol player and a bagpipe player, personifying the after party’s theme: Bollywood versus Hollywood. The Sitara* dancers performed a couple of impressive routines, and finally DJ Untitled and DJ Josef Bamba took to the stage, redefining fusion with their mixes.

The only minor downside to the night involved getting to the venue. Sitara* was held at Pondside near Andrew Melville hall. It was an awkward location—not far enough for it to make sense to hire buses, but not near enough for guests from the town centre to walk to, especially considering the dress code called for party dresses and heels. Adding the cost of taxis on top of the ticket, Sitara* turned out to be a pricey ordeal. However, it was no doubt. made up for with the abundance of free Afrodysia cocktails and bags of Propercorn that were spread across the tables.

It was a stellar night filled with catchy music, decadent attire, and unparalleled fun. Sitara* possessed that oomph, that extra something which makes an event a night to remember. Thanks to Sitara*, fashion show season this year has ended with a bang, and we eagerly anticipate its arrival again in 2018.


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