Sitara* 2017 promises to be a colourful night

Sarah John previews Sitara* 2017.


Do not put away those stilettos and champagne flutes yet, St Andrews. Just when you thought fashion show season was at a close, with the success of FS and DONT WALK in February, Sitara* has stepped up to dazzle and impress with its original fusion of Asian culture and fashion.

Sitara*’s premise is avant-garde for St Andrews fashion shows, which (while obviously each going by their own individual theme) typically still follow the same traditional elements. Sitara*, however, marches to the beat of its own drum. The theme, called This is My Rang, celebrates “the fusion and diversity within our community through a spectrum of hues,” in the words of the event’s creative director, Rishika Agarwal.

“Rang,” the word for “colour” in Hindi, forms the premise of the show. Sitara* believes that colour “embodies variety in the most beautiful, yet simplistic, way,” and they strive to highlight the beauty of diversity in the student population here at St Andrews. This is My Rang is partially inspired by Holi, the Indian festival of colours. Sitara* 2017 aims to create the same feeling of joy and happiness brought upon by bursts of colour as the festival.

The sponsors for Sitara* include Afrodysia, an Italian energy drink, who will be officially hosting the After Party. Afrodysia cocktail pitchers will be available for VIP guests to preorder before the show. Other sponsors include Teach First, Make Up For Ever, Propercorn, and Fresh Look. Local businesses that will be sponsoring the show include Thistly Cross Cider, The View Studio, TORO, The Sassy Coconut, Bonkers, and Topping & Co. The Sitara* Facebook page will be updated with more information regarding raffle prizes from the sponsors and designers.

The music choices for the show are set to offer a taste of South Asian culture blended with house, electronic, and classic anthems. While Sitara* cannot reveal the names of any designers included in the line-up just yet, they have disclosed that the designers will be “displaying a journey from monochromatic tones to bursts of vivid, prismatic hues in their clothing.” The clothes will obviously exhibit traditional South Asian wear, fused with contemporary and structured garments from around the world. Jewellery will be showcased as well, providing a selection of intricate and elaborate ethnic Indian pieces. “Expect a lot of colour and a lot of sparkle,” Ms Agarwal said.

Freebies available on the night have been “prepared with a lot of Sitara* love” and include “an assortment of festive gifts and accessories,” so be sure to expect some delicious edible treats, boozy drinks, and other extra perks for VIP and Premium ticket holders. Standard ticket holders will have access to plenty of Afrodysia’s new drink, as well as a complementary crêpe.

The after party promises its own melange of surprises throughout the night. An Instagram-worthy photo booth will be set up for guests to capture the memories they are sure to make. There is also a surprise British sponsor on the night of the show, which guests should get hyped for. The charity that Sitara* is supporting this year is the SOS Children of Multan, which they partnered with last year. Sitara’s goal for the show is to be able to give back to the community that they are representing and celebrating. SOS Children provides education opportunity for children and orphans, and Sitara* is proud to support a charity that makes a proper education accessible to as many children as possible.

Sitara* 2017 will be held at the North Haugh pond site on Friday 7 April.


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