Director of Student Services issues May Dip warnings

In an email to all students this morning, Dr Lusk stated that “NO AFTER PARTIES will be tolerated this year."

Photo: The Saint Online

Dr Chris Lusk, Director of Student Services has issued a number of warnings to students regarding May Dip.

In an email to all students this morning, Dr Lusk stated that “NO AFTER PARTIES will be tolerated this year.  

“Any students participating in loud, confrontational or uncivilised behaviour, disturbing the townspeople and visitors, will be presented to the Proctor of the University for Level Three disciplinary procedures.“

The repercussions of which may result in students being expelled from the University stated Dr Lusk.  

Dr Lusk stated that the University was taking a “hard line” on disruptive behaviour in St Andrews due to conduct of students during the previous Raisin Sunday.

She further added that “the echoes and wind direction carry noise in an unpredictable pattern in the neighbourhood of the East Sands so we advise, strongly, that NO AMPLIFIED EQUIPMENT be used.  

“Any that is used will be confiscated by the Police.”

One disgruntled Yik Yak user remarked that “people are allowed to do what they want in their homes. [I’m] sick of being treated this way.”

While another user stated that the University “asking for better behaviour hasn’t worked.”

Dr Lusk said that “While the University recognises this as your event, we nevertheless continue to have obligations with respect to our fellow townspeople.

“We also always take the safety of our students very seriously indeed.  For that reason, although the Dip is organised by yourselves, we need to issue some guidelines of advice and information for anyone who chooses to participate in the event.”

She further asserted that May Dip was to take place only at East Sands, as this was the only safe place the event may be conducted.

The reasons for this she stated were tides, undercurrents, first aid cover and police presence.

The annual May Dip tradition is due to take place on Monday.


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