Fife Park Redevelopment Draws Criticism

Residents have expressed frustration with excessive noise and debris.

The second phase of construction in Fife Park has frustrated some residents with its excessive noise and debris.
Expansion of the Fife Park complex began in July 2016. Estimated to
last a duration of 56 weeks, the project is part of a £70 million investment from the University that aims to create more hall space.
According to the University, an additional 196 standard and en-suite bed spaces will be added as a result of the construction.
The expansion is part of the University’s Accommodation Action Plan, a comprehensive document outlining projects to increase the capacity of University-managed halls and address ever-growing concerns regarding the shortage of suitable housing in St Andrews.
Although construction crews were present in Fife Park during the fall and winter of 2016, students were not as acutely aware of the work being done.
However, since the beginning of the new semester, many have taken notice of barriers and dirt left haphazardly throughout the complex.
“I would definitely say it’s been quite an issue, mainly because of the noise and debris that has been left around,” Maximillian Devan, a resident of Ruskin, a building located directly next to the construction area, said.
Another resident, Flora Outram, expressed a similar sentiment, saying, “The noise is significant, and I can always hear it when my window is open.”

There have also been a number of complaints regarding the closure of a walking path. As residents were forced to walk through the grass, which quickly turned to mud, some had concerns for safety.

Ms Outram described it as “very dangerous,” explaining that she had “a bad fall one evening when returning from a night out.”
Kyle Muir, another resident of the Ruskin building, also objected to the closure, stating it had been disruptive but “thankfully, they’ve put down mats of some sort for us to walk
Construction is set to last for the remainder of the semester and will be complete by the start of next term. Fife Park is just one of several University halls undergoing redevelopment.
The Old Wing of University Hall has been under construction throughout the year, and work began on the annexe in early 2017.
Students can also expect the closure of Andrew Melville Hall at the end of this semester.
Preliminary work on an extension to Agnes Blackadder Hall, which will provide 180 self-catered rooms, began earlier this year.


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