Festival Fashion: brands that will enhance your summer

Image: Elsie And Fred

Spring is here in full force and as summer approaches, shorts, tank tops, and sandals all start moving towards the front of our closets. Along with warmer weather and sunnier skies, this transition also brings about music festivals all across the globe. The main festivals around the world that most people flock to are: Coachella, Burning Man, Ultra, Bonnaroo, Tomorrowland, and Amsterdam Open Air Festival. A key component in all of these festivals is the fashion. Over the past few years festival fashion has grown into a staple in most women’s wardrobes, as not all pieces are covered in sequins and ribbons. Many pieces by themselves are easy to get away with in an everyday outfit or for just going out, while others would make you stand out in the crowd. As the demand for festival fashion has grown, many brands have surfaced, each with its own unique style and flair.

Urban Outfitters: Now Urban was a staple in many students’ wardrobes way before we set foot on campus, but many of their pieces are festival ready and can be easily combined with different tops or bottoms, to add an ever changing flair to your festival attire. Many of their newer items include sheer crop tops, flowery bralettes, and off the shoulder tops and dresses. Many are loose fitting and allow for the wearer to have more room to dance without the constraints of a tight bodysuit. Overall, Urban is where to go if you’re looking for a light summery and very floral outfit perfect for dancing in.

Asos: Asos is the epitome of laid-back festival fashion that is also adaptable to everyday life. They also have adaptable lingerie that can also be used as a crop top along with a highwaisted bottom. Shift dresses are also heavily featured, as they can be dressed up or down, depending on the festival. One could pair them with a pair of over the knee boots and statement earrings for a slightly dressier look. Or wear them with either sneakers or sandals and a rope or leather belt for a look that could survive the front row of any headline act.

Image: Asos

Sole Society: Anyone looking for festival-ready shoes should turn here. They have a never-ending website that is constantly being updated with new sandals, booties, sneakers, and heels. Any style that you could think of is on here. From open-toed lace-up booties, to gladiator sandals they have all of the styles you could want for your days spent walking from stage to stage. When comfort and style are both equally as important, take a look at their booties section. They provide stability and support for your feet, while also adding flair to any outfit. From fringe, to classic leather, to lace up booties, each shoe will add a different flair to your outfit.

Elsie and Fred: Anyone looking to make a statement should look no further than Elsie and Fred. All of their clothing is designed to turn heads, as well as turn the spotlight onto you. Any look can instantly be upgraded by adding one of their denim jackets with elephants emblazoned on the back in sequins. Perfect for any festival that may get a bit chilly at nighttime, or if just want something to throw over your shoulders to avoid a sunburn. Along with jean jacket they have many different jumpsuits with cut outs on the backs and sides to add a bit of edginess to your look. As well as having an array of different pieces, most of them are also modestly priced, allowing for your cash to go farther.

Image: Elsie And Fred

Bottle Blonde: Bottle Blonde is the place to go for graphic t-shirts. They are easy to casually wear with a pair of jeans or to tuck into a skirt. Any way that you go, you can’t go wrong with a graphic T. Although they may not have the largest selection, they are a growing brand that is up and coming. As this festival season comes and goes make sure to check out this website for any new surprises that they have in store.

Hissy Fit: Hissy Fit is any bando lover’s dream. Most of their repertoire is covered in glitter and sequins, along with lots of hanging beads that would fit in at any festival. Bodysuits are also at the forefront, which allow for one to never worry if their top was untucked again. Most of their pieces are featured in bright neon colors that having a shine to them. A flower crown, flash tats, or body glitter would fit right in with any of their clothes, and add a little extra sparkle to your day. Many could also be used as swimsuits, so if you’re near an ocean or a pool, you could dive right in to cool off right after the music ends.

Image: Hissy Fit Clothing

Overall. no matter what brand you turn to, you won’t go wrong when it’s time to trek to whatever festival you may be attending that week. From sequins to denim to lace, no fabric can steer you wrong.


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