May Ball cometh

Natasha Franks previews May Ball 2017.

may ball stage
Photo: Emily Wright

There is a certain beauty in the contrast between Opening Ball and May Ball. Dominated by freshers, Opening Ball opens the school year in classic St Andrews style. A bagpiper, free ice cream, and a line-up of student DJs prepare new students for the many balls still to come. Years later, guests can look back at photos from the night and em-brace the nostalgia of their first Lower College Lawn experience.

May Ball, by comparison, is a bash for the ages. Fourth years intermingle with first years intermingle with postgrads intermingle with alumni. Typically headlined by a big name DJ, the night is the final blowout before summer – and, for those not attending Grad Ball, the final St Andrean blow-out, full stop.

Tom Higginson, this year’s Kate Kennedy Club Ball Convenor, promises a phenomenal evening. Above all, he stresses value for money. Janettas Ice Cream, Toro, and Blackhorn will all be present on the night, and an increased budget will mean a higher production value for the various acts. In addition to the headliner (still under wraps), TEA and Ashton Squires will be performing. Between dances, guests can enjoy the expected array of rides – La Bamba and bumper cars have both been confirmed, with a brand new third ride currently being developed.

As the Kate Kennedy Club’s largest event – exceeded in significance only by this Saturday’s Kate Kennedy Spring Procession – May Ball contributes signifanctly to the Club’s charitable donation. This year, the KKC will be supporting Worldwide Cancer Research and Homestart Fife.

Notably, May Ball will be held on 30 April this year. As per tradition, the final day of April is a night for house parties, in anticipation of the morning May Dip. Higginson describes Kinkell Byre as hosting the “biggest house party in town,” essentially, allowing students to blitz through the night be-fore taking the plunge at dawn. This strategy will likely fare better than last year’s setup, which had May Ball the night after May Dip.

Tickets will be available via FIXR.


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