The Kate Kennedy Spring Procession returns for its 91st year

Natasha Franks previews the annual Kate Kennedy Spring Procession.

Photo: Tilted Frame Photography

One would be hard-pressed to avoid the annual Kate Kennedy Spring Procession. Held annually since 1926, the parade spans the length of St Andrews, drawing hundreds of spectators to the streets. Decades-old costumes, authentic carriages, and a dozen or so horses contribute to the colourful coterie of characters, played by students and locals of all ages.

This year’s procession will be held on Saturday 8th April. As always, a barefoot Saint Andrew will lead the queue from St Salvator’s Chapel to St Mary’s Quad, and back again. Onlookers can expect to engage with the actors: Accept daffodils from the Kate Kennedy bejants, sweets from the fish lady, and sonnets from drunken poet Robert Fergusson. Throughout the procession, members of the Kate Kennedy Club will regularly reenact the notoriously grisly murder of Archbishop John Shairp.

Naturally, the Lady Kate herself will be a highlight of the day. Unveiled mere minutes before the Procession begins, Kate has historically been played by the most promising first year member of the Kate Kennedy Club. Her carriage, Victoria, will be decorated with daffodils, a particularly photogenic Procession tradition.

Everyone is welcome to take to the streets from 2 pm on Saturday 8th April, as the Lady Kate rides again.


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