TEA keeps us coming back for more

Did you make it to The Rule last Thursday?

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Photo: Tea House

The Rule was overtaken Thursday night with resounding fervour as TEA hosted another one of its ever-popular nights out. Infused with hip hop, R&B, rap, trap, grime, garage, and more, TEA served a piping-hot brew of alternative beats as it continued to provide an outlet for originality and individualism.

Last week’s shindig, going by the humorously self-deprecating sobriquet “FXCK TEA,” was a godsend for curious souls seeking a new style and sound to groove to. Unorthodox in all its approaches towards music, TEA pushes the boundaries of defining what good music actually is.

Their anthologised line-up of DJs, who each brought a little bit of their own individuality to the table, made for an interesting night. The DJ line-up for FXCK TEA included Nips B2B Mamatí, Content, Eli Sa, Untitled, and Elikem. This assortment of DJs kept things interesting as the music styles took unexpected twists and turns throughout the night—needless to say, no one was ever bored with the tune choices.

The Rule had a lively, energised quality about it throughout the night—the music was deafening, and although the ear-splitting tunes did not allow for conversations involving anything other than reading lips, the ambiance facilitated an ideal venue for exuberant (and intoxicated) dancing.

It was a gladly received break from the staleness of nights out at the Union, which tend to be characterised by a repetitive, rhythm-deficient clamour that they call house. Indeed, the contrast between FXCK TEA and events like The Bop was stark – no doubt exactly what the creators of TEA had in mind. While Club 601’s juvenile feel, somewhat reminiscent of a school disco, can create some great memories during Freshers’ Week, FXCK TEA gave off a grungy, edgy, urban vibe that one might get from underground clubs in cities like New York and London. In this small, windy seaside town on the coast of Scotland, we need all the city fixes we can get—thankfully, the unwavering popularity of TEA promises those of us with metropolitan appetites many more nights of good music and good vibes.


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