Lewis Campbell’s campaign cited for “negative campaigning”

Mr Campbell denies the allegations.


On Tuesday, Lewis Campbell, a candidate for Students’ Association President, was issued a formal warning by the Association Elections Committee for “negative campaigning (which could be interpreted as a personal attack).”

Mr Campbell was nominated for the position of Association President on Friday 24 February and launched his campaign Saturday afternoon in accordance with election rules. He is running against Lewis Wood, who was originally nominated for Director of Wellbeing but entered the race for President on 23 February.

At the time of publication, it was not clear what actions prompted the warning or how the Elections Committee obtained knowledge of the infraction.

The committee declined to comment, saying that it would be inappropriate to give further details about the matter.

A “formal warning” is the lowest tier of five possible reprimands from the Elections Committee. The warning will not result in punishment and a strike will not appear next to Mr Campbell’s name on the electronic ballot.

Mr Wood also did not name a specific instance in which Mr Campbell had engaged in negative campaign activities, saying, “I believe the Students’ Association to be a place of mutual support, collaboration, and positivity, and that’s exactly how I’ve ran my campaign: positively.”

In response to a request for comment by The Saint, Mr Campbell stated, “The Union’s rules regarding personal attacks are juvenile and unnecessary.”

In the same email, Mr Campbell alleged the Elections Committee has been “unfair against [him]” by “arbitrarily defining elections rules” and demanded a public apology from The Saint for “bias” in a manifesto analysis published online.

These same comments were echoed Tuesday night when the candidate published pictures of the above email exchange in a post to his official campaign event page.

Both candidates will appear on stage together during Wednesday night’s Sabbatical candidates’ debate. Watch the debate and The Saint’s live coverage here.


  1. This article also only selectively quotes Mr Campbell’s response, out of context…  Full text available on his election event page.


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