Inside look at the Sitara* afterparty

The Saint sits down with Devina Puri and Shireen Sawhney, Sitara* afterparty coordinators, to get the inside look on the upcoming event, 7 April 2017! 

What inspired the after-party theme “Bollywood vs. Hollywood”?

Inspiration for the after party theme came from the fusion focus of the Sitara* fashion show. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Sitara* than bringing together two worlds of music and dance – bollywood and hollywood! Think drake with the beat of a dhol, this will be fusion like you’ve never seen it before. The After Party will also be the World Launch of our sponsor Afrodysia, an Italian Energy Drink, and their new product! Expect a new type of energy drink to keep you dancing to your favourite fusion beats throughout the night.

DJ Josef Bamba

How will this theme be expressed throughout the night?

Without giving to much away, from the moment the after party begins, you will be immersed in a world of fusion music. We have a special duo performance with a bagpipe and dhol to kick off the after party, followed by two fantastic DJ’s who will bring the Bollywood vs Hollywood theme alive.

DJ Josef Bamba started 2016 off as being handpicked as one of the artists to support Tiesto on his “Under the Northern Lights Tour” in Norway. The past years he has already played at several “F*** Me I´m Famous” parties with David Guetta and “Aoki’s Playhouse” with many of the top high profile artists in the scene and he is flying all the way to Scotland to play for this event! As for DJ Untitled or St Andrews’s very own Ahmed Shareefy, he has performed in a wide variety of events such from Opening Ball, to House of Horror and Tea House. With his motivation being to broaden the variety of music in the St Andrews music scene, his set reflects his passion for the art, incorporating not only different genres of music, but music from different time periods with a flawless transition. Get ready for fusion like you’ve never heard it before. We also hope to see all of you express the theme – dress up in your favorite bollywood/hollywood themed outfit, whether that be a sari or your best red carpet dress, we’re expecting great things!

How is the after-party a reflection of the show, “This is My ‘Rang’?

“This is my Rang,” emphasizing colour and diversity, coincides with our after party theme, as it is a combination of two different cultures of music. We are diversifying the idea of what fusion really is, and showcasing both creative industries in a different light. The Sitara* fashion show is combining two different cultures of art together (fashion) and the afterparty is doing the same through music.

Image: Lightbox, Ilaria Maresi

What should after-party guests wear?

What do you think when you hear Bollywood or Hollywood? Is it a sari? A red carpet dress? A bindi? Whatever it is, Sitara* after party is the place to wear it! But, if you are really struggling with ideas, don’t worry, Concrete Catwalk has got your back and we will be releasing a what to wear with them this week, so keep your eyes out!

What makes the Sitara* 2017 after-party unique?

Well you tell me, have you ever been to an event in St Andrews which incorporates BOTH Hollywood and Bollywood music? The fusion between the top bollywood and hollywood songs will be flawless. It’s your chance to express your version of both those cultures, and embrace the fashion and music that goes along with them. We’re bringing St Andrews’ an event unlike anything its seen before.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets are available today from the union webpage. I look forward to such a unique event, and only hope they pull it off!

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