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A new club night is coming to 601 this Wednesday. Siren – “let the call of the arts draw you under.” I interviewed Sirens creators, Rachael Hastie and Natasha Furmidge.

First of all, what is Siren and why did you pick the name and motto?

Natasha: Siren is a new club night marketed towards members of arts and performance societies. In the way that sinners brings together members of different sports clubs, we hope Siren will do the same for the many varied arts societies we have at St Andrews. We decided on this name as a play on words from mermaid, being the performing arts fund and broadly representative of the arts clubs in St Andrews. A siren is the darker side – but also both the noise of a siren and the song of the siren, in Greek mythology that lured sailors, are calling you out to party!

Is the aim create a weekly event, a Sinners for the arts?

Rachael: Not weekly, as we would never want to take away from Sinners as we personally love that event, but we just wanted to give the same kind of opportunity for everyone and if this one is a success we will see where we’ll go form there. However where there is only one Siren event this year, we would definitely love to be able to go up to one per semester to bring together the huge creative community that St Andrews has.

You mentioned giving the same kind of opportunity to everyone, is it because Sinners addresses exclusively students involved in sports?

Rachael: People have said to us in the past that they’ve wanted to go to Sinners but unable to get a ticket as they’re not sports clubs members and the way Sinners works, the bands are distributed via club social secretaries – and we wanted to cater for this! Sinners has a fantastic place in St Andrews night scene and we hope that Siren can have one too.

Does this mean that tickets to Siren will be available to anyone who wants to come, or are there some restrictions?

Rachael: There are absolutely no restrictions, the event is open to everyone, wristbands are available to buy on Tilt (the link is in the FB event) and there will be a wristband collection at the Union the afternoon of the 22nd and if we have any left we will be selling on the door.

Do you think that Siren help strengthen the community in the arts?

Natasha: One of the unique features of St Andrews as a uni is its small size and the community people feel as students, as members of sports clubs and of societies – this is something we love about here! We are both part of the dance society which is both an art society and a sports society and we loved the idea of an event that would combine these two elements and have a great time out with friends that support you and have a common interest.

What’s the organisational process for Siren 2017?

Rachael: We’ve had a lot of support from some incredible talented artists and we’ve been working with a small team. Tash and I have been organising the admin of booking the venue, sorting the wristbands, emailing clubs to get people keen etc. but Kristen Carter did our incredible logo and Charmaine Hiller made our promotional video which went live last week. So, it’s been a real group effort.

Finally, what do you think are the features of this event that make it unmissable?

Natasha: We think it will be a unique vibe because it is the first event of its kind and is a new opportunity for people to celebrate their creativity. Also we are working with new DJ talent Adam Powrie which we are super excited about! At only £2 give it a go!

 Again, the event is open to everyone and all the information about it, including the link to purchase the tickets and the amazing promotional video, are available on Facebook at the following link:


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