Rag Week’s a cappella performance falls flat

Elischke de Villiers reviews Rag Week's A Capella concert.


RAG Week 2017 has ended, and what a week it was. Four of the Bubble’s favourite vocal groups got together on Monday night to raise funds to support charity week, but unfortunately, the turnout for this event was not ideal. This could be due to a lack of advertising, but not even one third of the stage was filled to watch the performance. As can be expected, the lack of an audience affected the energy of the room, and thus the performance. Suffice to say that most of the groups did not live up to what I have come to expect of them. This will not, however, deter me from rushing to the a cappella championship in March.

The event itself did not seem too well organised, almost as if it was planned at the last minute. It did run smoothly though, as the groups are used to performing on stage.

The first a cappella group to come on was the beloved The Other Guys. Usually one for the win, their performance on this particular night was a bit lacking. Dressed smartly as usual, the expectations of the audience were high, but the weak opening medley seemed to lose their interest. “Lonesome Road,” their next number, was more melodious, but also more enjoyable. If there is one thing The Other Guys can do, it is hold a melody, which redeemed them to some extent. They finished their set with a well sung and energetic “Happy Together,” which ended their performance on a high note.

The Alleycats were next to perform, looking classy in black and white. They had a strong start to the performance which prepared the audience for their set, and sung an excellent rendition of “Crazy in Love” as their second song. Although I didn’t feel their performance of Toto’s “Africa” was up to par, they ended their set powerfully with “Dangerous Woman.”

Next up were the Hummingbirds, looking particularly stylish in fitted black tops and blue trousers. Their opening act was a bit disappointing, with the lead vocals barely audible. The choreography, however, throughout the performance was well done and made them interesting to watch. Their second and third songs were a bit better than the first, but the lead vocals were still overpowered. Their last number was a medley of “Stacy’s Mom” and “Teenage Dirtbag.” Although the song roused the audience, and the choreography made for some laughs, the lead vocalists were, once again, very weak and sometimes not heard at all. The energy on stage during this particular piece, however, did to some extent compensate for it.

The last performance of the night was the Accidentals. Looking retro chic in all black with pink bomber jackets, they started their set off with “Barbara Ann,” setting the mood for their show. Despite missing two of their members, their performance was not lacking. Their last number was a strong adaption of “Maneater,” which ended the evening off with a bang.


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