Preview: Women in Business

Natasha Franks previews the Management Society's upcoming forum.


Women’s rights have enjoyed considerable media attention since Donald Trump’s inauguration. From New York to Paris, five million individuals marched in their name, clad in pink caps and brandishing home-made signs. The march remind-ed the world that the battle for gender equality continues. Women must clear sexism-sized hurdles with frustrating regularity, particularly within the workplace. For the fourth year running, the Management Society will highlight these issues at their annual Women in Business Forum.

The forum allows students to network with leading industry figures and learn from their experiences. The Management Society hopes to inspire female students to reach for executive positions by showing women who have been successful in a variety of areas.

“I think at this stage in life, a lot of students are confused about what they want to do,” said Linn Tysland, Management Society President. “[The forum] shows them where they could go in life.”

Four speakers have been announced, with more to come in the weeks leading up to the forum. Nina Caplin, Head of Red Bull Media House; Alexandra Carr, Head of Client Management at Vanguard; and Stephanie Lamb, Tax Partner and EY Women’s Network Partner will all share their stories.

Last year’s event featured St Andrews alumna, Alexis Versandi, founder of Just Picked Coco Water. She moved from studying Art History to a successful career at Morgan Stanley. “Her story is a prime example of how students are not bound to a career within their field of study,” said Linn. “There are different paths you can take to achieve where you want to be.” 

“These are professionals,” added Federica Mariotti, the forum convenor. “And they can show us how to get there.” Federica and Linn emphasise the enthusiasm shown by past and present speakers. “They want to interact with students,” said Federica. “You can ask those questions that you’ve always wanted to know, and they are so happy to answer.” As a result of this zeal, the Q&A session has been allocated an hour on the itinerary.

Now in their second year of coordinating the forum, the two girls recognise the audience’s preference for personal interaction with the speakers. “Last year, we saw that students were asking really great questions,” said Linn. “This year, we want to focus on that.” Each speaker will present individually for ten to fifteen minutes, before the room opens for an extended Q&A session. Students and speakers will then mingle during a (wine-inclusive) networking session. EY representatives will be present to answer any questions about summer internships or graduate schemes.

Although targeted at women’s experiences in business, the event can benefit both male and female students. The stories told may apply to thousands of aspiring innovators.

Tickets can be bought through FIXR.


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