New local eateries

The Saint looks at what's cooking in the new restaurants of town.


The last few months have seen the introduction of a couple of new, trendy eateries into our sleepy town. Whether you’ve visited them yet or not, here’s what’s on offer:

The Beer Kitchen is found opposite St Salvator’s Quad on North Street. This venue was formally host to The Glass House. The eatery is owned by the craft brewer Innis and Gunn. Sister establishments exist in Edinburgh and Dundee, which have garnered largely positive reviews on the internet.

Edibles range from bar-bites to a full menu in the evening “which includes handmade burgers, steaks and fish.” On the beer front, the establishment has a range of Innis and Gunn and other rotating craft beers, and especially wished to highlight their “beer tower,”  a 2.5L serving that they claim (and we have no reason to doubt) is a hit with students.

Also of interest to beer lovers, the restaurant holds both tastings and events, dubbed “Meet the Maker,” in which guest brewers discuss their craft and offer free samples. It’s worth noting that there is a 15 per cent student discount on offer for food and coffee, so don’t forget your matriculation card.

Also new, Mammacita is a Mexican eatery that opened 10 January, found at the former Grill House venue opposite the Union. The name, the decor, and the menu have changed, but the owner has not. This restaurant, like its predecessor, is owned by the G1 Group. This hospitality empire, which contends that it’s the largest in Scotland, also owns Forgan’s, the Doll’s House, the Vic, and, formerly, the Glass House, among others around the country.

It describes itself as “an authentic yet alternative Mexican bar and cantina,” and claims to have had its menu tested at tastings around Scotland “to ensure the food receives the public’s seal of approval.”

The menu is short and simple, and is composed of street-food-inspired dishes and Mexican staples like tacos and quesadillas. Also featuring heavily are tortas, Mexican sandwiches with a variety of fillings.

For those wishing to branch out from sombrero-topped bottles of tequila, the bar stocks “25 finely crafted tequilas and mezcals.” This feeds in well to the cocktail-making masterclasses they offer, which draw from this extensive selection of indigenous Mexican spirits.

Finally, something’s amiss on Bell Street. While most students were on winter holiday early this month, with no warning, Tony Macaroni closed its doors for good. Upon their return weeks later, students were greeted with storefront advertising “Mozza,” a pizzeria offering “true Neapolitan pizza” and “opening soon.”

St Andrews is to be host to the second branch of this pizzeria; just after its February opening in Glasgow. Ms Stephanie Yapp, a marketing representative of the restaurant, indicated in emails to The Saint that the St Andrews eatery would open in the springtime. Quoted in a Courier article published in early January, Ms Yapp wrote that the restaurant would open “in about three months,” suggesting an April launch.

Despite the non-operational Italian web address offered on its window display, Mozza is owned by the same Scottish firm that owned the erstwhile Tony Macaroni.

The new pizzeria aims to provide St Andrews with “a taste of old Napoli… with a modern twist.” With a “unique dough recipe,” fresh mozzarella, and San Marzano tomatoes, the restaurant seems poised to be a hit in a university town in need of a dedicated pizzeria that didn’t cater your tenth birthday party.

It will, no doubt, face stiff competition from other Italian eateries in town that also serve pizza. Only time will tell how Mozza fares, but, until it opens, we expect good things.


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