Manifesto analysis: Zachary Davis, Director of Education

Mr Davis has both the experience and vision required for the new role of Director of Education.


Based on his qualifications, current role as school of chemistry president, and proposed actions if elected, Mr Davis appears to be a well-rounded candidate for the newly created Director of Education position.


This is Mr Davis’s clearest focus, based not only on the description of the position but also his diverse proposals.  Mr Davis seems to have a strong working knowledge of specific aspects of the University, especially those that require change or maintenance. Examples include increased student enrollment, the transition from sub-honours to honours level modules, and technology promotion.

In an interview with The Saint, Mr Davis expanded on his plans for technology in the classroom, saying, “I’m really passionate about lecture capture technology. We have a couple of lecturers in our school who record their own lectures and put up podcasts of these and these are extremely beneficial.”

Overall, Mr Davis’ ideas for these three areas are specific but also allow room for flexibility.

As the first DoEd, Mr Davis will set the foundations for the role. He described how he planned to build on current Director of Representation Jack Carr’s work, saying, “[Mr Carr has] a lot of policies that he’s implemented and I want to take them forward […] and really see what we can do with it, because obviously now it’s a full-time role just spent on education, and that’s what I’m really passionate about.”

Academic Representation

Coming from his previous role as school of chemistry president, Mr Davis seems to grasp the various challenges diverse leaders face when collaborating. His most notable point here is a push for increased transparency of decisions made by the student body’s elected officials.

Mr Davis added, “People are kind of unaware of what’s going on, how class reps operate, what their job is. I think by increasing transparency, making people more aware of what people are up to in these jobs […] will make it more appealing to apply and to get invested in, because these are great things that are being set up. To have our voice be projected: it’s a powerful tool.”

Postgraduate Affairs

Mr Davis falters in his manifesto with this section, only proposing two somewhat vague and ambiguous points about postgraduate engagement. During his interview with The Saint, Mr Davis described his plans to create a separate postgraduate committee within each school so postgrads “have their own unique platform to cover their own problems so that … [they] are not missed and lost against all undergraduates’ issues. I think that by giving them their platform that they can talk on, we can get a lot more of their feedback and represent them better throughout each of the departments.”


Mr Davis could have also expanded on his proposals for student employability, perhaps on his point under the “education” section which called for modules providing identifiable skills students can then reiterate when speaking with future employers. Though sparse, his ideas for this section show promise.

Final assessment

Mr Davis has both the experience and vision required for the new role of Director of Education. Though his manifesto is not flawless, he clearly understands what is expected of him and can simultaneously provide solutions. The Saint believes that Mr Davis is qualified for this position and looks forward to holding him accountable.



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