Manifesto analysis: Hannah Jacobs, Director of Events and Services

Ms Jacobs' manifesto has noble aims; however, she will need to explain how she intends to fulfil her many promises.


Freshers’ Week

Ms Jacobs cites her experience as ENTs Convenor in last year’s Freshers’ Week, which was one of the most financially successful yet. As DoES, she would maintain crowd favourites such as the Bop and Clan Warfare while diversifying with “guests, comedy, ceilidhs, and live music.”

In an interview with The Saint, Ms Jacobs explained, “I have seen hundreds of events going through the Union. […] I’ve seen which events went well, and which events went not as well, and you learn from that and think, right, ok, how can we proceed to make things better for everyone else?

“This year’s Freshers Week, I felt, was very club-heavy, which is good and profitable, but it doesn’t give the opportunity to people who maybe don’t like going out to pub events to enjoy Freshers’ Week. I’d really like to look into getting a comedy event, because we didn’t have one this year and I thought it was a real shame, and live music.”

The Union

Both the Beacon Bar and the Bop play key roles in Ms Jacobs’ manifesto. She echoes the common sentiment that Beacon is not living up to its full potential. To revitalise it, she would create a completely new space for students to enjoy.

Personally, I really like the idea of having it as a space where people can drink, but also display student art, whether it’s performance art, or paintings and things like that. That would be my vote,” Ms Jacobs said.

While ambitious, funding for this process may be difficult to come by, considering the space was just redeveloped two years ago.

Ms Jacobs praises incumbent Taryn O’Connor’s role in improving the Bop. She intends to “keep the Bop great,” aided by her position as ENTs convenor. Her experience as an ENT gives Ms Jacobs a realistic idea of what Club 601 is capable of in terms of technical effects. She does not say specifically what effects she has in mind.

“I would very much like to continue Taryn’s work,” Ms Jacobs added. “I would like to have budgets set aside for the BOPs, for each of them to have their own themes […] to make it a little bit different from a normal club night, as well as to work with Sandy’s and some committees, because some of the best BOPs we’ve had this year so far have been in conjunction with [Saints] LGBT+ and people like that.”


Ms Jacobs hopes to continue the society collaborations that Ms O’Connor encouraged this year. She claims she will “streamline the process for societies to book events in the Union, and improve communication within the Union.” Once again, she does not offer specifics as to how she would accomplish this.

Food and drink is a final priority for Ms Jacobs. She plans to keep prices low and to introduce more vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options to the menu.

Final assessment

Ms Jacobs’ past experience working within the Union is her strongest asset. Her manifesto has noble aims; however, she will need to explain how she intends to fulfil her many promises.


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