What will the new sabbatical officers do?


Director of Wellbeing

The Director of Wellbeing (DoWell) will oversee the democracy aspect of the DoRep’s previous remit, including rectorial elections, elections committee, class rep elections, and Students’ Association elections.

They will also be responsible for the wellbeing remit, which includes working with Stand Together, Nightline, and Student Minds to promote students’ physical and mental health. Additionally, they will be responsible for the equality remit.

The DoWell will serve as the sabbatical line manager for multiple positions, including the Equal Opportunities Officer and Member for Gender Equality.

Director of Education

The role of the Director of Education (DoEd) will be to oversee all matters related to student education, including working with the Proctor’s Office and other University staff to act as the senior student representative on around 40 University committees (such as the Learning & Teaching Committee, or the Academic Monitoring Group). The DoEd will serve as line manager for two faculty presidents, 22 school presidents and 350+ class representatives.

Additionally, they will take the DoRep’s place on the University Court (the supreme governing body of the University) and associated committees.


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