St.ART Magazine to launch its latest issue at Spoiled

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Photo: St.ART

Described by their editor Emma Corcoran as “small but sophisticated,” St.ART Magazine has been lingering around St Andrews since 2011. Producing a bi-annual magazine as well as running an online presence, they aim to promote the work of students as well as the Scottish art community. Already having many contributors from the local area, they aren’t only focused on student artwork and are always looking for new voices to join the conversation.

Unlike previous years where they’ve been in a very niche field, the magazine has now expanded to include seven different sections to appeal to all elements of the art world. Fashion, film and music now all feature on the list of what they offer, and this new creative step is an attempt to lead to expansion in the future. Anyone is welcome to contribute a piece of any kind, and the editor assures me they focus on letting new writers grow comfortable with the field in an attempt to facilitate new talent. launch preview
Photo: St.ART

They have an upcoming event: the launch of their latest magazine which is entitled Mind X Body. Happening on Tuesday 29 November in Spoiled Hairdressing, they promise to fill the small venue with edgy music and enough booze for all. Already sounds like my kind of event! Those that get there first can get their hands on the latest magazine edition, with the first 20 guests getting a hefty discount on the original cost of £6. With the purchase of a ticket you also are promised unlimited alcohol so the £8 price tag is suddenly looking pretty generous.

While it is sold as a launch party, Miss Corcoran prefers to refer to it as a celebration of all the hard work that’s gone into this issue. As they’re mostly an online presence, it doesn’t appear that the event will be as cliquey as other small launch parties can be. Not only is the theme of this issue very fashionable, if their website is anything to go by the artwork and articles it contain are sure to be impressive.

Although relatively small, St.ART already appears to be a more grown up form of publication, appearing professional rather than student run. If they reflect this onto the party it’s sure to be a success. Either way, it’s definitely an event that I’m looking forward to attending.


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