New Transition Initiative connects community producers with students, offers affordable organic, local food options

Image: Transition

Thanks to Transition University of St Andrews, a non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainability, organic and local food options are now just a click away.

The Tree, Transition’s latest venture, is an online marketplace that connects St Andreans with local producers. A wide variety of organic, ethical and affordable goods are available.

A quick browse on the Tree’s website yields options such as 200 grams of black kale for £1.63, 200 grams of carob coated raisins for £0.72 and 100 grams of organic wild watercress for £1.63.

These selections are several of many: additional shopping categories include snacks, sweets and savouries; bread and baking; alcoholic drinks; and tea and coffee. You can even buy rewood logs, organic ginger beer, and frozen tayberries.

The Tree is able to offer such a wide array of products because of its local connections. Five groups supply the items: the Tree itself, Edible Campus St Andrews, Hidden Harvest, the Sassy Coconut and Pittormie Farm.

Anna Atwell is one Tree customer who appreciates the business’ community focus and personal touch.

She said: “Purchasing from local farms and stimulating the local economy is always preferable. The vegetable bags include a note from the farmer with an update on the farm and a suggested recipe with the given greens.”

Ms Atwell also emphasised the conveniency and efficiency offered by the Tree.

If you want to support local producers, encourage community sustainability and enjoy high quality, low-priced goods, visit the Tree at

Orders placed by noon on any given Monday can be picked up at the Union, Albany or the Transition office between 5 and 7 pm the next day.

For more information on Transition’s other projects, including Bike Pool, Cook Smart and St AndReUse, visit the group’s Facebook page or


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