Boat Club enjoys a successful start to the year

Photo: UStABC
Photo: UStABC

The University of St Andrews Boat Club have had an exciting time of late. Starting the month on a high, they received the final total for their Erg-a-thon in aid of Maggie’s Cancer Care – a whopping £2346.41, blowing their previous totals out of the water (no pun intended). This meant a lot to the club, as giving back to the community has been an integral part of the club for many years, and they only seem to be improving year after year, strengthening the link between ‘town and gown’. It was a highlight for all members taking part, and its success really makes it all worth it.

Going from strength to strength, their newest set of Novice Rowers competed on a national level for the first time, at Scottish Rowing’s Indoor Rowing Championships through in Glasgow this past weekend. This represented the first opportunity new members have had to prove their strength and technique across a 1,000m sprint and makes for an exciting, if a little nerve-wracking first experience to get their feet wet.

Looking forward, this coming weekend sees a visit from our founder, John Browne. After celebrating its 50th anniversary last year, the club welcomes the opportunity to show John their new facilities at Lochore, as well as to christen some of the newest additions to the fleet, one of which John himself donated and named Catalyst, after his consulting company. In addition, the club made the decision to name another of their boats after John, to commemorate his contribution to the club, since it began in 1964/5.

From there the club picks up speed, with their Senior squads heading up to Aberdeen for the North East Heads Weekend on the River Dee. This the first chance for the seniors to prove themselves against regular competition from many fellow Scottish universities. This will again be a test for the squads, as the new Senior Crews include many promising novices from last year, and all squads hope to reap the rewards of the Boat Club’s new and improved training programme.

The Boat Club’s alumni have been especially active recently, with various instances of international representation of both the University of St Andrews and Eden Boat Clubs. Ollie Negus and Parker Mackenzie were furthest afield, representing Eden at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, while a little closer to home, a host of UStABC alumni participated in the Dublin Marathon. In particular, Chris Furby and Henry Chandler undertook the challenge on behalf of the club, to raise money to boost general operational funds – making a gallant attempt to make aspects such as travel expenses, cheaper and therefore more accessible to all.

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