Your style guide to St Andrews restaurants

Nicole Slyusereva

St Andrews students are blessed with a wide variety of restaurants when we have burned one too many dishes or in the case of freshers, need a break from dining hall food. Along with the wide variety of types of food, each restaurant has a different dress code that fits with the themes of the food. So next time you plan to venture into town and grab a bite, consult this style guide to feel right at home.

Nicole Slyusereva
Nicole Slyusereva


Walking into this restaurant you may feel like you’re walking into a rustic upscale farmhouse, with a down-home and earth feel. I would say to stick to earthy tones, but in a tasteful and upscale way. Leave the high heels and the blazers at home, but also not going as casual as just jeans and a t-shirt. Dress as if you were going to a dinner party at a close friends house, cozy yet classy. Ladies, I would stick to classic and crisp hues while still adding a fun pop of colour to keep things interesting. Go for skirts or short dresses paired with tights and either booties or loafers. Throwing a cozy sweater over a dress or tucking one into skirt will complete the look while still keeping you warm. Men I would suggest keeping it classy but comfortable. Shy away from the blazer and instead throw a sweater over your button down to get ready for a night of earthy food that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for a night out.

The Adamson

One of the more upscale restaurants in St Andrews , whether you are there to dine in or just going to the bar the attire is very modern and a bit on the fancier side. A pair of heels with a short dress would not be out of place, and neither would a blazer and suit pants, but a tie is not necessary. I would wear darker tones with either a pop of colour or a touch of metallic to break your outfit and to add a bit of originality that ties in with the theme of the restaurant. Wear something you normally would not out and see where the night takes you. Grab that untouched dress from the back of your closet and add a new accessory to liven it up and wear it out. The Adamson is known for its creative food and drinks, so it is the perfect place to try something new that wouldn’t blend into the crowd. Brighter colours may seem a bit out of place on the streets of St Andrews during the darker winter months, but step into The Adamson and you will feel at home in their cozy yet modern environment. Men don’t be afraid to go for a coloured shirt, sometimes moving away from the standard white button down is needed, and this is the place to do it. A light pink or blue would pair nicely with a navy jacket, and nothing is wrong with patterns either. They can add a bit of individuality to your outfit, instead of just blending into the crowd.

Grill House

A casual place to chat with friends over some tacos and a pitcher of frozen margaritas. I would stick to a more casual outfit here, while still looking classy and pulled together. Ladies, stick to ballet flats, mildly ripped jeans, and a loose tank top, with some accessories and a jacket. This is a perfect place to go before a night out at Ma Bells or the Vic, so the dress code is casual and ready to party. For men stick to loafers, dark jeans, a polo or a button down with the sleeves rolled up, and either a pull-over or a jacket depending on the weather. This restaurant is very warm inside so dress in layers so you don’t find yourself sweating from the heat instead of from the hot sauce. A quarter zip with the sleeves rolled up would also not look out of place and neither would a light scarf; its just all about how creative you’re feeling that night.You’ll feel comfortable and look perfectly in place alongside the Mexican decor, and don’t forget that sombreros are optional but looked highly upon.

Little Italy

Tucked into an alleyway, Little Italy is a cozy refuge from the ever blowing wind with its warm and inviting vibe that draws you in. The perfect place for a blazer to complete your smart casual look that will fit right in with the overflowing plates of pasta and pizza that they are constantly serving up. For ladies go for riding boots with a button down and a fitted blazer, and don’t forget to add a piece of statement jewellery that will add that extra oomph to your look. Either khakis or dark jeans would fit in well here, keeping you warm yet cozy as you eat a warm plate of Italian. Men go for a pair of loafers with either dark jeans or coloured pants, and throw a blazer on top to complete the look. Don’t shy away from pants that are coloured, as they add a new level to your look while stay up to date on the latest fashion trends. A nice pair of salmon or light blue pants can be the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. Navy goes with anything, well except for black, so throw a navy blazer over a pair of salmon pants with a white button up and you are ready for a night out at Little Italy.

Tail End

One of the more casual places in St Andrews that appeals to both students and locals, so prepare to see an even mix when eating there. For ladies I would stick to dark jeans with a light sweater and a chunky scarf, with a pair of ballet flats or Adidas sneakers, but a button up would certainly not look out of place. For men a pair of chukkas with jeans and a light dark coloured sweater would fit in well. A blazer might be a bit overkill, but throwing a button down under your sweater certainly wouldn’t be. This casual place has something for everyone, and it never disappoints, and your outfit won’t either. You can stay comfortable and warm while enjoying fresh fish, in a casual and laid-back environment that fits in perfectly with the town.

Whether your coming from class or grabbing a bite to eat before a night out, Tail End works with all fashion types that fits with most students day to day wardrobe. Overall a button down and a nice of boots will get you to most places in this town, but sometimes you want to class it up a little, so turn to this style guide and you will have the ins and outs of what to wear to five of St Andrew’s most popular restaurants.



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