The Saint’s top eight


1. Bindi: Sanskriti

On Thursday 27 October, the South Asian Society returns with St Andrews’ favourite Bollywood party in Club 601. Enjoy cheap tickets and great music all night long.

2. Catwalk 2017 Launch

On Friday 28 October, Catwalk will unveil its 2017 theme: Undergrowth. Head to the Beacon Bar for an evening of urban exploration.

3. White Tie Reeling Ball

A unique addition to the St Andrews calendar, Reeling Ball is the only white tie event hosted at Kinkell Byre. Remember, remember the steps to the dances on Saturday 5 November.

4. Sitara* 2017 Launch

On Tuesday 8 November, Sitara* will launch at the Vic. Meet this year’s models and dance to some classic Sitara-esque tunes.

5. Masque-Rave

On the heels of a hasty rebranding, Masque-Rave will occupy the Balgove Larder on Wednesday 9 November. Take a break from deadlines for a carnival-style evening followed by an after-party in Club 601.

6. Rule the Board

On Thursday 3 November, darts will come to St Andrews. Spectators and players are both welcome to the Rule for the competition and after-party.

7. Guy Fawkes Night

Always a welcome excuse for bonfires on the beach, Guy Fawkes Night is a British tradition. On Saturday 5 November, everyone can celebrate with some flames on East Sands.

8. DWM: Motown 1960

On Thursday 27 October, DONT WALK will return to The Vic for a night of sixties throwbacks.


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