The Adamson’s 500 makes a smashing debut

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“Pres are the best part of the night.”

This quote needs no dedication, as it is a sentiment uttered by almost all who find themselves sobering up on the sticky floors of a university night club. Just hours ago you were sipping a £1 G&T, smiling while your best friend chugged a dirty pint to the tune of Busted’s cover of Thunderbirds Are Go. Now your friends are gone, you’re all out of energy, and the only sounds you hear are the playlist dregs of a DJ who stopped caring 12 songs ago. Where did it all go so wrong? Perhaps more importantly, where do we go from here? How do we keep the sanctity of pres without it becoming unoriginal? The answer is allegedly found at The Adamson, courtesy of DJ Alasdair Todd and Managing Director Julie Lewis.

“The Adamson?” I hear you squirm, already experiencing flashbacks of smart-casual drinks or overly ambitious first dates. I know too well that trauma which leaves you with two eleven-pound cocktails and a hatred of contactless payment. Bear with me, dear reader – there is more to this than you might think. This is no ordinary Adamson experience, as the new event 500 Tuesdays features a whole host of concoctions, from Martinis to Russian Mules, all for the lesser price of £5. Things are looking up.

kira mixing a cocktail at adamson
Photo: The Adamson

But why would we spend £10 or £15 on a cocktail pres when we can chug a bottle of Lambrini for £3? Well, I think just saying that answers the question for itself. If it doesn’t, I ask you to contrast the image of sipping cocktails with friends to that of downing imitation wine and wondering if you could use the remains to bleach your shower the next morning. The fact of the matter is that pre-drinks, despite my devoted love of the ritual, is a bubble within the Bubble: it needs innovation.

So, to test this new approach, I gathered a group of my most brutally honest friends and let them try the event for themselves. Would the fund-conscious fresher be willing to trade Frosty Jacks for Frozen Margaritas? 10 minutes in, we were sitting down or standing at the bar, happy to have traded the rinse-repeat of the same old drinking games for a night out that was proving a rival for even the best instances of “spillage is lickage.”

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be able to do this every day. There are times when downing a Tennents to a rousing chorus of “we like to drink with” is the best and indeed only option for pre-club drinks. But, as one of my party noted, this event doesn’t need to replace pre-drinks. What it does is create a scenario where being in the Bubble no longer means you have to settle for the same thing every night. One day of the week, there is the opportunity to enjoy all the great aesthetics and cocktail mastery of The Adamson, while listening to some of DJ Alastair Todd’s engaging but not conversation stifling house tunes.

One of the friends I had brought was delighted to find that the event wasn’t a one off, succinctly stating that this was “Tuesday’s pres sorted.” I must admit, I had my doubts about leaving my Tuesday Tesco Value to one side but as I enjoyed a chat over a drink that could grace the bars of London, I have to confess that this may well be Tuesdays sorted for me as well.


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