TEDx prepares for a new beginning


It’s that time of the year again for TEDx to come to the forefront of our minds, as their highly anticipated launch party is just around the corner.

By far one of the best launch parties I attended last year, this year’s party starts at 19:30 on Thursday 10 November at R-Bar, located within the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. Tickets can be bought on FIXR for a price of £12. This may seem a tad steep, but it includes a free drink on arrival.  Furthermore, the event itself promises to be both informative and entertaining, a night where students can learn more about TEDx as a whole.


Based off the highly successful online TED Talks, this student run organisation holds a popular conference in April, hosting a variety of speakers from actual TED Talks. There is also the opportunity for student involvement – the committee runs a competition (which is open until the end of October) where aspiring TED talkers can pitch their ideas for the chance to talk on stage.

Speaking of professionals: as always, the main speakers are being kept under a veil of mystery. We have been told, however, that the theme of this years conference is ‘New Beginnings’ which is suitably vague and enticing enough to rouse the curiosity of even the most unengaged of students. There is also the promise that there will be variety in the backgrounds of the speakers, so to ensure that everyone will leave satisfied. If that’s not enough to ensure your attendance, the selection of student speakers has gotten a lot more democratic this year.

Similarly to last year, the big draw to the launch is the opportunity to meet the student speakers who will be giving their presentations at the event. Unlike last year’s selection process (two students pitched to the room), they have six potential candidates to present their ideas. The idea behind this is simple: the audience at the launch is given the opportunity to select the student speakers themselves.

At the end of the launch, there will be a vote from the audience and the two highest scoring candidates will be given the green light to prepare their final speech for April. By purchasing a ticket, therefore, you not only get a free drink, but the opportunity to voice your opinion, and tell the committee exactly which idea you want to hear more of.

Tickets can be bought on FIXR.


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