Review: Hot Dub Time Machine

Photograph: DJ Tom Loud's Hot Dub Time Machine

Throughout the day leading up to Hot Dub, the air was clouded largely by skepticism about what was to be expected. People were conscious of whether it was worth delaying that dreaded essay deadline for another night and everyone was asking themselves the same question: do I feel morally okay with myself about spending £10.50 on a night in 601?

One of the biggest disappointments can probably be awarded to the masses of people who missed out on getting a ticket online, and as such waited in a queue outside the union from 10:40, only to be told they weren’t getting in. Further, even those who had a ticket were subject to pushy queueing and unfriendly bouncers.

Photograph: DJ Tom Loud's Hot Dub Time Machine
Photograph: DJ Tom Loud’s Hot Dub Time Machine

However, despite the initial dampener, upon entering the event Hot Dub himself was undoubtedly worth it. Overall, the concept of being transported back to 1954 and exploring hits from throughout the decades is refreshingly different from all of the budding student DJ’s hoping to make themselves known for their grime/trap based “beats”. As someone who enjoys a song you can sing to, Hot Dub provided this in all it’s Abba chanting full.

DJ Tom Loud created such a great vibe which couldn’t help but draw people to the dance floor. To be honest, looking back on the evening all I can picture is an amalgamation of images where I see myself and the crowds around me dancing and sweating our nights away, Pablos in hand. What also came as a welcome surprise was that there were never points where myself or my friends were bored, rather we were actually reluctant to wait in line for drinks for the fear of missing out on another favourite tune.

Photograph: DJ Tom Loud's Hot Dub Time Machine
Photograph: DJ Tom Loud’s Hot Dub Time Machine

The best thing about Hot Dub was I never felt confused about what year or decade we were in for each song. Tom Loud’s selecttion were characteristic of each musical era and the well known nature of the songs made for a night of good music and continuous bursts of “I love this song!” from the people around me. The screen’s dotted around 601 which normally project images of the University’s sports teams at Sinner’s provided an effective visual representation of the year we were listening to.

The success Hot Dub has experienced in St Andrews both this year and last proves significant in the crowds it has drawn each time. Let’s hope the Union continues to bring acts from outside of the bubble to perform more regularly. They create a refreshing break from just a normal night out in the union.


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