House of Horror’s new look

What do you get when you combine jelly blood shots, pulsing house beats, and Morticia Addams? Thursday night’s House of Horror launch at The Rule featured an impressive amalgamation of bold and risqué fashion choices.

Black was the key element, to no one’s surprise. Faux fur jackets, over-the-knee boots, sultry lace, bodysuits, and fishnet stockings for the more daring were also spotted in abundance, and purple and red were the go-to complementary colour choices of the night. Overall, “slinky-sinister” seemed to be the vibe that everyone was channelling.

Unexpectedly, costume makeup was not a popular choice, aside from the black tears streaking down the cheeks of the House of Horror committee members. Many people went with more muted looks, occasionally featuring a bold crimson or violet lip for a pop of colour.

house of horror committee
Photo: Sian O’Sullivan

The classic smokey-eye was pushed to the side in favour of minimal eye makeup, with lips taking the spot-light. Although surprising on a horror-themed night out, the decision to focus on lips rather than eyes made for an interesting and unique collective look.

Chokers definitely took the title of “staple accessory” of the night. The most popular choice was simple black satin, though there were several individuals who decided to go down a different route, selecting silver or gold-coloured metal. Chokers were a necessary component to complete many of the outfits that night: guests took advantage of the fact that slipping a circular piece of fabric or metal around one’s neck can make a lacklustre outfit pop on the dance floor.

Photo: Sian O’Sullivan

Of course, not everyone was feeling the Elvira: Mistress of the Dark vibe. Many people opted for regular party-going outfits: jeans and embellished crop tops were seen throughout the night, proof that colours besides black, red, and purple exist. Nevertheless, the majority of outfits at The Rule were simple, sleek, and sexy. Thankfully, no one ran into a mad, over-the-top, Lindsay-Lohan-as-a-ghost-bride fashion faux pas!

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