“Art through a wider lense” : an interview with SENSE founders

Image: SENSE
Image: SENSE
Image: SENSE

Welcome to the home of creative innovation. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, music producer, digital animator, culinary specialist or admirer of the arts, SENSE is the place for you. These are the words I heard when I sat down with Emme Hollingsworth, director of operations and logistics, and I think she might just have me convinced.

SENSE is a creative pop-up charity exhibition that showcases innovative and thought-provoking pieces created by St Andrews students. It promises to be a truly unique experience that incorporates multiple forms of media. The nature of SENSE is explicative of its name. It is a divergence of the senses, a tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory and tasty experience that will be unlike anything St Andrews has seen before. The show strives to enhance the sensory process by which we take in information and make meaningful responses.

Ms Hollingsworth said that more than 30 artists have collaborated in this creative project. Each artist will bring something different to the table. SENSE’s simple yet innovative aim is to provide the best platform upon which to express art. Creative Director Hunter Pruitt encapsulates the project’s artistic enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit in his description of SENSE. Mr Pruitt said: “Despite the fact that the event is actually a product of the enterprise and creativity class, the committee has taken it more seriously than just a grade out of 20 and has put a lot of time and effort into constructing a fun and exciting experience for all.”

Since the beginning, the committee has generated a range of ideas, but members eventually settled on this creative event. From there, they narrowed the project down to something that would showcase the work of students. There is a severe lack of creative artistic outlets in St Andrews, but the school is home to a huge number of talented artists. Thus, the need for a student gallery or exhibit was obvious.

Mr Pruitt emphasized the unique nature of the SENSE gallery, where the “the overarching concept plays on the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.” The exhibit will be a melting pot of themes, each brought to the table by an individual artist. Not only is SENSE a celebration of the creativity that characterises our student body, but also an event that supports a worthy cause.

Emma Robb, charity liaison officer, has been working in close partnership with Impact Arts. This charity seeks to “help com-munities transform their lives through creativity and the arts.” It has won an abundance of awards as recognition of service to the community. Impact Arts evaluates its own success as a direct correlation between the opportunities it realises, the social benefits it provides and the ability of the art it promotes to inspire others. The charity has followed these aims for over 20 years, working collaboratively with everyone from children to the elderly.

The SENSE event will be held on 13 November. There will be an entrance fee of a few pounds, and all proceeds will go to Impact Arts. If the response of attendees and artists is such that there is a potential for growth, SENSE might become an annual event in the St Andrews social calendar.

Whether you choose to attend SENSE to support a worthwhile cause or embark on a new creative experience, it is an event not to be missed. As an exhibition featuring clothing designers, chefs, photographers, music producers and painters, SENSE will incorporate and engage all the senses to such an extent that it really is, in the words of Ms Hollingsworth, the definitive place to see “art through a wider lense.”


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