The Cottage Kitchen cooks for charity


Walking into The Cottage Kitchen never fails to bring a smile to my face. The heavenly cakes, the adorable teapots, and the warm buzz of conversation. It’s all so perfectly delightful. What I love most about this little café, however, is the warmth and love that owners Tim and Helen bring to the business and to our St Andrews community.

A perfect example of this generosity is the Charity Fundraising Day they are hosting on Thursday 15 September. On that day, everything on the menu, from scrambled eggs to sausage rolls, will be free. Instead of paying, Tim and Helen are asking customers to leave some money in buckets designated to four local charities: The Cosmos Centre, Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, Children’s Hospice Association for Scotland and The Salvation Army. Items on sale that day will feature lots of local suppliers who have kindly donated ingredients, breads, and other small items to help with the event.

Speaking to Tim about what inspired the Fundraising Day, he told me that it has always been important to him and his wife that they give back to the community. This event seemed like the perfect way to celebrate local suppliers and make a big difference to families supported by these local charities. The unique format of the day, with buckets labeled with a charity name, was important to Tim because he wanted customers to be more directly involved in the fundraising. The feeling of personally putting money towards a one, two, or even all four of the charities felt like a stronger act of community than simply saying proceeds of the day would go towards charity.

Even the staff is working for free that day, something Tim finds very selfless and exemplary of the spirit of the day. After all, this event is about people coming together to support and celebrate organisations that work tirelessly to make a world of difference every day. Every contribution matters and Tim hopes that by the end of the day, they will be able to raise £2000 to divide evenly between the organisations.

Tim hopes to make this an annual event, a consistent way to raise money for local charities and celebrate the people that make this town so wonderful. Making the world a little brighter one cake at a time – I challenge anyone to think of something sweeter and more amazing than that.


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