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Illustration: Lauren Holmes

Investment Society

Since its foundation in 2012, the Investment Society has quickly emerged as one of St Andrews’ leading financial organisations. It serves as an interactive education and networking tool, with a primary focus on providing students with a platform to advance their interest in banking, investment management and research.

Since winning the Best New Society award in its debut year, InvestSoc has continued to rise, its commitment to providing a platform for members to develop professional skills earning it the title of St Andrews’ Best Society for the last two academic years running. It’s even been named a finalist in the Best University Society National Undergraduate Employability Award for 2016.

For its some 300 members, InvestSoc hosts many events, such as corporate recruitment sessions hosted by international banks, educational talks for both the advanced and novice investor, professional speaker events, weekly fund meetings for analysts and a biannual stock picking evening.

If you missed Fidelity’s Stock Pitch and networking event, make sure to catch the 26 September autumn careers event featuring Deloitte. For budding investors, InvestSoc is the perfect place to gain real experience, affording members the opportunity to directly participate in the society’s global equities portfolio. Here, you can learn the fundamentals of research and analysis based on sound investment principles.

To do so, members are divided into groups based on sectors wherein teams pitch stocks to the entirety of the society. A vote determines which stocks will enter the portfolio, and students can then watch how their choices fare in the months following their pitch.The stocks chosen often come as a surprise — salmon companies from the Faroe Islands can beat out British gambling companies.

The society is the perfect platform for anyone hoping to take his or her interest in investment beyond university. It exposes members to a broad range of financial and investment services skills, giving unparalleled knowledge and industry exposure, as well as providing access to a global network of leading organisations and individuals.

Joining is as easy as attending any society event, which is frequently advertised on the InvestSoc Facebook page. Alternatively, you can sign up for the group’s online mailing list and even join the society fund as an analyst.

In doing so, you would be joining one of the University’s most exciting, driven and lucrative societies. Joining costs only £10 per annum.

Economics Society

The Economics Society is well established within the University community. It aims to educate and promote discussion about the economic issues which affect everyone amongst economists and non-economists alike.

For anyone who studies economics, or simply those with a passing interest in economic issues, this society is great to get involved in, as it offers ample opportunity to learn about current events and develop real, transferable skills.

Both members and non-members can write for the society magazine, The St Andrews Economist. Membership also allows access to lectures from speakers at the forefront of the discipline, giving students the chance to talk to professionals about current issues.

Other upcoming events include a “Meet the Summer Intern” evening where members can learn about securing placements and life as an intern at some of the world’s leading organisations, from JP Morgan to the British government. There will also be a “Banking vs Consultancy” debate featuring professional experts from the likes of Bank of America to Merrill Lynch and PwC.

Also look out for the club’s most popular event, the Bull and Bear Ball. Though ostensibly for the weary economics students the club mostly serves, the ball attracts a crowd of partygoers who study everything from theoretical physics to the chapters of Kafka.

At £5 a year, joining the Economics Society represents excellent value for money. Not only does it offer a discount on all books at Blackwell’s, but society members can attend the numerous events hosted throughout the year, including socials, book clubs and career events.

Illustration: Lauren Holmes
Illustration: Lauren Holmes

Management Society

The Management Society’s chief goal is to provide a link between academic enquiry and real-world business by hosting a wide variety of events and speakers designed to inspire the next generation of successful business people.

In the past, MNG Society has been know to host graduate employers seeking out the brightest business minds St Andrews has to offer, as well as speakers from a wide range of the world’s top companies, including Estée Lauder, Coca-Cola, Tiffany & Co, Spotify, Topshop, British Airways and Land Rover.

Already this year the MNG Society has hosted a talk with a prominent fashion sales entrepreneur, but it’s not too late for students to catch the next remarkable speaker. By offering a glimpse into the world of so many different industries, including finance, consulting, fashion and entertainment, the society hopes to aid students in finding a career with which they are truly happy.

They have also partnered with the Prince’s Trust, recognising the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. In the year to come, the society will be hosting a variety of speaker events, theme-based conferences and educational careers workshops together with sponsors and society socials. MNG also stages a number of events aimed at post-graduate students.

For £5 a year, membership not only grants access to the society’s numerous events, but also provides offers at a number of local businesses in town. At the Rule members enjoy 25% off selected food and drink, queue skips and free entry before midnight.

Above all, being a member means that you are part of a society committed to inspiring confidence in taking the next step in what members believe is an uncertain world for graduates in subjects such as management. The society offers perhaps the broadest range of expertise of any St Andrews society and encourages members of all degree classifications to go out and be successful.

Other Societies

By no means are these three clubs a comprehensive list of the monetary and fiscal life of the university. St Andrews boasts consultancy groups such as the Playfair Group; enticing opportunities for the soon-to-be self-employed, like the Entrepreneur Society; and charitable groups such as Women 4 Women.

Personal finance can also be managed through new clubs like the Thrift Society, which specializes in saving students money on clothing. Some societies, including the Global Investment Group, offer similar activities to those described previously.

Charities like Unicef and Oxfam seek to increase the financial independence of those living in the third world, establishing them as another form of economic group within St Andrews.

For the eager student, opportunities abound to study, explore and enter the world of finance, business or consulting. Your financial future could be one club away.

Illustration: Lauren Holmes


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