Heat rolls into the new year


Heat’s legacy will be one of two parts: one part altering the nightlife of St Andrews, another part in establishing The Rule as a venue.

Launched in 2015, Heat bills itself not as a concept, but as a brand. Founder Harry Bremner explains that every Heat is accompanied by a certain music, a certain style of photography, a certain aura, none of which will ever change. After a year of gaining traction, Heat has built for itself a distinct image of effortless cool, a trendy yet laid-back vibe reminiscent of the nightclub giants of the 80s. The venue, too, will remain the same: Heat has rooted itself with The Rule, and the two names are now as synonymous as Throwback Thursday and The Vic.

Photo: Heat
Photo: Heat

Heat emerged from our small town’s need for nightlife. We have the option of attending one-off society events or The Union’s weekly Bop, but we lack a consistent “club night” that has no other goal but to provide a good time. Heat is no fundraiser or promotional tool; it is an unabashed opportunity for the students of St Andrews to drink and dance in a completely fresh space.

Still testing the limits of its refurbishment, The Rule has achieved a balance between pub by day, club by night, in large part thanks to Heat. The first significant late night event to hit The Rule, Heat has steadily drawn guests from Market Street to South Street. On its heels, The Scandinavian Society organised last semester’s Afterski here, and more recently The Lumsden Club chose The Rule as the location of their much anticipated Pimms Party. In the often stagnant atmosphere of our town, The Rule is a breath of fresh air, a respite from the worn out path between The Union and The Vic.

Thursday night will mark the first instalment of Heat’s 2016/2017 run. Having reached capacity throughout last year’s campaign, The Rule will undoubtedly be mobbed when the forecasted Heat: Wave hits. Guests had best arrive early to ensure entry into the hottest night of the semester.


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